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Green and Clear Rhinestone Costume Watch (signed Clebar, Stainless Steel) Item DCW9995 Sassy knows only too well that fashion is fickle! Here today, gauche tomorrow. So it takes a rare combination of beauty and quality to last as long as this beautiful watch. Here's a real beauty with classic tailored lines from the 1960s and some sparkling faux diamonds to delight the eyes.z It is a Swiss watch and the beautiful round face is 1 and 3/16" in diameter. It features gold colored hands and markings at each hour on a rich true green background. It continues with a green and clear rhinestone band. See the detail. Set around the face is a twinkling bevy of bright rhinestones that give it an ultra feminine feel. The manual wind mechanism works well and keeps time accurately. The back is stainless steel so it will last forever and not turn your wrist green. The watch keeps perfect time. This beautiful vintage costume watch will go with almost anything! 6 and 3/4" long, it closes with a hidden push clasp. Glamorous and stylish without being trendy - you will be thrilled with this ladies vintage watch for many years to come. Excellent condition. Price $324.00

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Art Deco Leather Swiss Lapel Watch (signed Swiss, Ernest Borel, Neuchatel) Item W9852 Ernest Borel was a famous watchmaker from the 19th century and was known to have the most accurate time pieces and won many awards for such. His family continued the company until the 1970s. Okay. That being said, a watch makes the time-keeping necessity a fashion statement. Let's face it, on some serious-negotiating days a watch and earrings is all you have time for and is really all that you want. Not that you want to go stodgy. It's the fun verve of this 1930s brown leather watch that makes it dynamite. First, it is worn on a lapel and worn upside down so just you can see the time. And, oh yes, did I mention this watch keeps perfect time? A round face is surrounded by a handsome geometric and rectangular leather base. It is a Swiss watch and you know the Swiss watchmakers made the best. Guaranteed to run accurately, the white face has easy to read golden numerals and a second hand. Cleaned, oiled and adjusted, the watch is ready for all the café, strategy sessions, all-nighters with the creative staff, or romantic encounters that might come up. Excellent condition. Price $288.00

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Costume Pink and Purple Flip Top Watch (signed Caravelle) Item DCW9929 Vivid colors and fantastic style combine to form this distinctive bracelet watch, marvelous in its own right but so much more than just a bracelet! Hidden discreetly under the top is a superb quality Carvavelle manual windup timepiece! It is nice and showy at 1" wide. The bracelet is encrusted with glass moonstone cabachons that show colors from lavender to purple and pink to orchid - a rich rainbow of hues! Each is prong set in gleaming gold plate with a golden braid framing each side. The watch is crafted as a clamper bracelet. Flip open the top and "oh my, look at the time!" The bracelet is 2 and 1/2" in oval diameter. The watch is in excellent working order and runs well but you can still blame it if you miss an appointment. "It was so pretty I forgot I had a watch on!" You may need to bat your eyelashes a bit as well but it's worth a try! Excellent condition. SOLD




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Art Deco Dainty Bulova Watch (signed gold filled, Bulova, 7 jewels) Item DBW4451 He saved up every dime. He skipped lunches at the diner. He bowed out of poker nights with the fellas just so that he could see her face light up when he gave her this dainty, circa 1935, Art Deco Bulova Watch. This is a remarkably elegant watch that exemplifies the height of Art Deco design. Sleek geometric shapes and dramatic angles decorate the gold-filled watch case, which is set with small diamond accents on the raised lugs. It retains the original gold fabric cord band that keeps it looking so decidedly feminine. This beauty's appeal transcends time. It is engraved with a romantic sentiment, W.F.E. to M.I.T., 3-2-35 and is adjustable from 6 and 3/4" to 7" and can be shortened at your request. It has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and keeps time. This timepiece is a precious treasure of the heart that will be loved for generations to come. Excellent condition. Price $396.00

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Art Deco Sapphire and 18K Gold Watch (signed 18K, Esef Watch Co, Swiss, 17 Jewels, 2 adjustments, band signed Wristacrat) Item VW4637 It's noon on the 12th of April, there she sits at a small cafe waiting for her husband. He's late but she is not upset. She sits at their regular table staring at her antique watch, a beautiful 18K white gold watch which she got for their 10th anniversary. It has ten sapphire stones and drapes perfectly over her elegant wrist.. or is it the watch that makes her wrist so elegant, either way the minutes pass perfectly as the 10 stones, a stone for every year that they have been wed, sparkle in her eyes. 4 of the stones are lab created sapphires and 6 are real sapphires. She just had the watch cleaned and serviced last week and it keeps time perfectly. Although it is very Art Deco looking, it was actually made just before the art deco exhibition (1925) and at the end of the Edwardian era so it is actually a Transitional watch. The face is pristine and is a creamy white. She suddenly drifts off in memory of the card that accompanied the gift box, "I love you all the time." He scored points for that one. She then slips the beautiful filigree white gold filled band on her 6 and 1/8" wrist. The band expands a little so it would fit a 6 and 1/2" wrist. It wasn't original to the watch but her husband found it at an antique shop and had it added to the watch since it had 6 matching sapphire crystals. She slips it on and is staring closer at the 10 blue stones that dance in the night. The 17 jewel manual winding mechanism attaches to a beautiful sapphire stem. As he walks in the door she gets lost in his blue eyes, eyes that are almost as blue as the sapphires. He says "I'm sorry I'm late." She then replies, "Late? You are right on time." Excellent condition. Price $2298.00

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Enameled Bracelet Peekaboo Watch (signed Yanka) Item BRW9572 Everyone has their secrets, but this is one you won't want to keep to yourself. This posh Russian Enameled Peekaboo Bracelet Watch is dying to reveal all its secrets, but only when the time is right! Your friends will be stunned when they see this elegantly enameled bracelet with its gorgeous flowers and rich colors of blue, green, pink and dappled yellow. The vivid colors and quaint design flows across five outstanding framed panels. This is prettiness that pops! The oohs and ahhs will begin all over again the moment you open the center panel to reveal an opulently ornate watch. Roman numerals decorate a brilliant gold face, surrounded by a glittering, gold plated and etched watch case that has wealth and worth written all over it. The watch is an early Yanka with a manual wind and 17 jewels. It was created by one of Russia's favorite women's watchmakers Chaika or 'Yanka'. It is a manual wind, not a quartz watch and it has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and keps time well. It is of exceptional quality. And it clloses with a folddover clasp. It has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted. Keeping this Sassy timepiece a secret is practically impossible! This is what everyone will be talking about! Excellent condition. SOLD



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Elgin Art Deco Blue Enamel and 14K Gold Filled Watch (cased and timed by Elgin National Watch Co., 14K gold filled, 15 jewels, 34493930) Item DEW9513 An Art Deco lover's dream come true! Circa 1930s, this absolutely spectacular watch is a a perfect example of the art deco era. And Elgin had better art deco designs than any other company, frequently employing the artistries of Lucien LeLong...Coco Chanel's good friend. The watch features a lovely rectangular white gold filled face with bold graphic Deco numerals in black on ivory surrounded with an embellished outline. The elongated frame is adorned with beautiful navy blue Art Deco enameling. Overlapping triangles divide segments decorated with a tiny art deco architecturally inspired design. This is as deco as it gets!!! The band is a delicately understated gray cord band. The watch is 7 and 1/4" long and is adjustable so it can be shortened at your request. The head is 1 " long by 5/8" wide. Although the crystal has some small scratches and the face is aging, it is still readable. The works have been cleaned and serviced and it runs like a dream! It's an Elgin, you know! Add a drop waist gown and some greyhounds and live a Deco fantasy! Excellent condition. SOLD





Antique Bulova Watch (signed Pat. June 10, 1924, Bulova, 14K rolled gold plate, New York, 8078125, 15 jewels) Item DBW9266 Your watch tells you the time, but is says so much more to the world about you and your style. Everyone can see your sassy style, classic design. savvy and gorgeous couture when you're wearing an absolutely stunning Antique Bulova.This classic timepiece has those highly desirable engravings. The face is gently aged but is original, easily readable and acceptable. Straight out of the 1920s, it has a mainline Bulova pedigree with 15 jewels in the mechanism and a beautiful lustrous 14k white rolled gold (vocabulary) case. De Luxe! Sassy had this watch cleaned, oiled, and adjusted so that you will be on time for the luncheon meeting, polo match, or regatta at the yacht club. Nice and smooth winding mechanism and a sapphire stem. Case is in excellent condition without dings or dents and the chain band is perfect. Movement works great and is guaranteed. 6" long, it closes with a locking clasp. Take your look to the next fashion level. This beauty is sleek, sassy, tells time accurately, and is mainline class. Very good to Excellent condition.  SOLD

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