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Vintage ladies watches on this page include an outstanding vintage asymetrical Baume & Mercier 14k Gold Ladies Wrist Watch, vintage 14K & 18K gold wrist watches, a 1960s vintage Ladies Rolex Wrist Watch, a black enameled vintage 14K Gold Ladies LeCoultre Watch, A vintage Girard Perregaux Ladies Watch, an 18K Rolex Vintage Watch, a 14k Lady Movado Vintage Wrist Watch, an Omega Platinum and Diamond Ladies Vintage Watch, an antique 14k rose gold lady watch, and other antique and vintage wrist watches. 

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Rolex Montres (Signed Inside back of watch case: Montres Rolex SA, 14K, 0.585, Geneva Switzerland, 313, J282. Mechanism is signed: Rolex 17 Jewels, unadjusted, Montres 1400) Item DRW33 Is it possible to have a torrid love affair with a watch? Can a mere timepiece lead a woman to the brink of seduction? Sassy says if yours doesn't it's time for a new watch! This unbelievably sensuous watch is likely to make you sigh, make you moan just a little and tempt you mercilessly with its almost liquid smooth feel. Naturally, you'll be drawn in by that rich luxurious warm 14k gold band. Why it's absolutely eye popping! View it up close. But once you slip into that 14K gold articulated band you will be a changed woman. Yes, solid 14K gold - the whole band! View the band. The 6 and 3/4" band which Sassy can have shortened or lengthened for free, is decorated with a delightful etched pattern of gold bricks. It stands out in shiny relief against the softly burnished gold that tapers ever so slightly towards the back of the wrist - so comfortable. View the clasp and the closure. And now view the Rolex signed stem. 36.5 grams gold. But oh, oh, oh! The band goes on like a lover's sigh - smooth as the finest silk and more sensuous than you can begin to imagine! All those tiny articulated links fit together seamlessly so that they are virtually invisible when worn and of course that makes the feel of it against your wrist indescribably sexy! It is the most luxurious watch Sassy has ever had the pleasure of seeing or touching. You will look fabulous and more than that, you will feel fabulous! You are wearing a Rolex! Absolutely pristine. Excellent condition. Price $4800.00

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Antique Rolex 9K Gold Watch (signed ROLWATCO, 9, 0.375 which stands for 9K gold, W&D, 15 Jewels, Swiss made, 37376) Item DRW22 Sometime between your first tea and your first marriage, you begin to realize that those costly Italian leather pumps are worth every penny, that a well crafted handbag will last forever, that a fine perfum becomes a part of you the way no drugstore scent can ever be. You develop the knack for knowing quality when you encounter it and gain the wisdom that true quality is affordable because it will last you a lifetime. So it is with this magnificent timepiece. The ROLWATCO signature is a registered name used by Rolex many years ago. It is made in 9K rose gold and is from the 1920s or earlier. View the gorgeous gold filled floral band. But the face is the element that catches my eye. View the face. The center is very glossy and mimicks prisms that refract at angles. The nice and large black numerals are very easy to read even without bifocals. They sit on a round band of silver. The head of the watch is 1" in diameter. The face itself is a generous size at a little over 3/4" in diameter.. The watch is currently 6 and 1/2". At your request, Sassy's jeweler can graciously lengthen or shorten the band free of charge. The watch has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and runs beautifully. View the back. Loaded with panache' and bound to gather compliments by the dozen. You'll just have to forgive people for staring! Every woman deserves this kind of beauty in her life. Isn’t it your turn? Guaranteed for 2 years. Excellent condition. Price $3600.00

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Rolex Montres 14K Gold and Diamond Watch (signed Rolex, 14K, Montres, 1400, 17 jewels, S.A., Swiss, Italy) Item DRW1925 Rolex. The name symbolizes the pinnacle of posh perfection and when you wear it, people look at you in an entirely new way. This 14K luxurious gold and diamond Rolex watch is designed to impress and spares nothing to make sure that luxe is at the crux of every passing moment. View the detail. Psst! See that look on Mary's face? It's called jealousy and she's got it bad. You can't really blame her. I mean look at this hot ice! There are 28 round diamonds around the face and they add up to a total of 1.75 carats of sparkling diamonds. This beautiful high quality watch has an integrated 14K yellow gold, open-work band which is adjustable from 7 and 1/4" to 7 and 1/2" long. It closes with a foldover clasp. View the clasp. Sassy's jeweler can lengthen it or shorten it a little if needed. It is pure decadence on a grand scale and it weighs 41.4 grams. The face is beaming almost as much as yours! View the face. The 12 o'clock mark is the Rolex emblem. Small gold bars separated with enameling mark the rest of the quarter hours making it easy to read without bifocals. Gold single bar markers mark the rest of the hours. The works have 17 rubies (jewels) and the watch keeps perfect time. Besides being triple signed Rolex, it also has the Rolex crown insignia on the stem. The face (without the diamonds) is 5/8" by 5/8" so it is much easier to read than some of the older watches. It has a 2 year guarantee. Everyone's gotta know. "Is that a Rolex?" Yes. Yes it is. Just don't forget to be nonchalant about it. (*_*) Excellent condition. SOLD


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Rolex Precision 18K Gold and Diamond Watch (signed Rolex Precision, 18K, works signed Rolex, Swiss, 1400, Rubis, Geneve, 2193610, Inside case signed Montres Rolex SA, Geneva Switzerland, 18K, 0.750, 29) Item DRW9505 She moves like a cat, casually, elegantly, across the floor. Heads are turning and scotch is missing waiting lips, dribbling onto starched shirts and silk ties. Who did she come with? She can't possibly be alone - not looking that good! She orders a cocktail, a champagne cocktail to be exact, and as she lifts the drink in a mock toast to the sea of enchanted observers, the glint of diamonds catches the eye of the one person she really wanted to see. This dame is pure class. Look closer and there is the unmistakable mystique of a Rolex on her wrist. Luxurious 18K yellow gold and diamonds adorning the most sought after manual wind precision timepiece in the world.Circa 1967, this magnificent ladies watch is enhanced by an oval flame of 28 brilliant white diamonds surrounding a lustrous yellow gold face adding dazzling sparkle and charm to an already gorgeous timepiece View. There are .54 carats of diamonds on this stunning watch, casting their light in so many directions its dizzying! And the diamonds? They are GORGEOUS! The face is beautiful and super clean. Artfully echoing the yellow gold of the watch faceis a matching nice and wide 18K integrated mesh band (1/2" wide) that closes with a foldover clasp. View The watch weighs in at 40.8 grams! With 2 adjustments for size, it fits a 16 and 5/8" to 6 and 3/4" wrist. View Sassy's jeweler can lengthen it or shorten it. Signed Rolex on everything! Signed on the face with the Rolex insignia and Rolex Precision, signed on the back of the case with the Rolex insignia, and signed on the works, Rolex Watch Co., plus the Rolex insignia on the stem and the clasp is also signed. "I wanted to thank you for the watch," she purrs to that particular someone. He glances at his generous gift adorning this beauty and notices with glee that the night is still young, and oh it's going to be grand! Excellent condition. $4400.00 $3500.00

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Rolex 18K Diamond Watch (signed Rolex Perpetual Datejust, Superlative Chronometer, Officially certified, Swiss made) Item DRW3147 SOLD







Astorec Classic 14k Gold Incabloc LadiesWatch (signed 14K Gold, Astorec Classic, 21 Jewels, Swiss, Incabloc) Item DAW8496 First off, Incabloc is the name of a very sophisticated shock protection mechanism invented in 1934. It has a very fine reputation for time keeping and is even used in Rolex, Omega, Baume & Mercier, and other fine watches. This circa 1950s sleek and dainty high quality watch is set in rich 14K white gold and has beautiful swirled lugs that have a combination of smooth and brushed gold. View the swirled lugs. This gives the smooth parts a flash any time you move your hand and at first glance look like diamonds. The face is super clean and easy to read with gold markers for each hour. Purchased at an estate in Scottsdale, Arizona, it has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and keeps time beautifully. The pretty and classic black cord band (see the band) is 6 and 5/8" and Sassy's jeweler can replace it with a matching black cord band that is longer if needed. It closes with a foldover clasp. See the clasp. astorecclosure.jpg Excellent condition. Price $372.00

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Rolex 14K Diamond Ladies Watch (signed Rolex 14K gold, R and Rolex on the inside of the case, 17 Jewels, S. A., Montres 1400, Swiss on the mechanism, and the Rolex symbol on the stem) Item DRW158 Your life was no cakewalk. You worked hard to get where you are. And the amazing thing is that you were able to accomplish it all while raising a family and taking care of a home. Your life has been so special and you deserve to enjoy something special.This Rolex diamond watch is an original in every way, just like you. Take a look. It's not often that you find a timeless timepiece like this one that does everything to impress while making it look effortless. This authentic Swiss Rolex luxury watch features sleek lines with a 14K white gold intregated band. See the band. From the 1960s, the face is flanked with a diamond at the top and a diamond at the bottom. They are clear, white, and of the highest quality. The band is integrated (vocabulary) Now, see it up close.

The watch also has a beautiful face with a faceted crystal which gives it extra sparkle. See the face. This triple signed timepiece also has the Rolex symbol on the stem and contains its original high quality Swiss Rolex mechanism and 1/8 of a carat of beautiful clear diamonds. The watch is adjustable from 6 and 7/8" to 7 and 1/8" It can be lengthened or shortened by Sassy's jeweler at your request. The watch has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and keeps time beautifully. See the back. Success has it's own rewards, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to give success a few hints as to what you really want. Excellent condition. Price $3300.00

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Rare Baume & Mercier Gold & Diamond Asymmetrical Watch (signed Baume & Mercier, Geneve, Incabloc, Swiss, 17 Jewels, 21540 on the inside of the case) Item DBMW9781 SOLD






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LeCoultre 14K Gold and Diamond Black Face Ladies Wristwatch (signed LeCoultre, LeCoultre Co., 14K GOLD, K340, 17 Jewels, Swiss, Cased & Timed in USA by LeCoultre, 7841, 681257) Item DLW8276 Haute couture is more than just fashion. It's culture. It's a vibe. It's a way of life. LeCoultre is a name synonymous with tremendously masterful watchmaking and this jeweled masterpiece is the very definition of sophistication. Sassy presents to you a true treasure for the discriminating woman. This triple signed 1960s LeCoultre diamond and14K gold watch is the embodiment of haute and holds the hottest ice in town! Four sparkling diamonds, 2 on the top lug and 2 on the bottom lug will ignite a spark of excitement in your heart every time they catch the light. An intricately decorated watch case with beautiful black enameling surrounds a black watch face with simple gold lines to mark the hours. A dainty black cord band wraps around your wrist to enhance the supreme artistry of this exquisite 14K solid gold timepiece. Cleaned, oiled, and adjusted, it keeps great time. Indulgence can feel good on so many levels. Find out what it means to pamper yourself with the ultimate in vintage luxury. Excellent condition. Price $798.00

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Vintage Girard Perregaux 14K Hearts Ladies Watch (signed Girard Perregaux, 14K) Item DPW8196 When Madame notices that Jeeves has called her late for supper, what do you think she is looking at? Certainly not a dime store timepiece - oh no - not for someone of her 'station'. Well, what's she got that you haven't got (besides a butler, of course)? Perhaps this extraordinarily elegant watch? Girard Perregaux manufacturers are some of the finest and most complicated timepieces in the world. Imagine draping your wrist in all this lush splendor! The beautiful round face is a symphony in white and gold and clean as a whistle. The lovely face is framed in rich 14K gold because a green wrist would look so déclassé' when taking a sauna at the club. The fabulous luxurious gold heart lugs are to die for! They overlap the black cord band which fits a 6 and 7/8" wrist and Sassy's staff can change it to a little longer or shorter fresh black cord band if needed. Circa 1940s, it has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and it runs perfectly and will last for years, so you will always know when it's time to meet your broker to discuss your holdings. Perfectly demure for everyday wear yet conveniently classy when you just can't get home before dining with the Senator. Go ahead, live a little. You're on your own with the servants but the watch - let Sassy help you out! Excellent condition. Price $960.00

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Rolex 14K Gold Vintage Watch (signed Rolex, 14K Gold, Swiss17 jewels, ROW, 8.A., Montres 1400) Item DRW9496 SOLD



Vintage Rolex 14K Sleek Watch (signed Rolex 14K, 17 Jewels, Swiss, Montres Rolex S.A., inside case signed Rolex 8070) Item DRW9508 SOLD



Movado Vintage 14K Gold and Lapis Lazuli Watch (signed Movado, 14K, 17 jewels) Item DMW8430 SOLD



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Omega Platinum and Diamond Watch with Platinum Band (signed Omega, Platinum) Item DOW9497 SOLD



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