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Rolex Montres 14K Gold and Diamond Watch (signed Rolex, 14K, Montres, 1400, 17 jewels, S.A., Swiss, Italy) Item DRW1925 Rolex. The name symbolizes the pinnacle of posh perfection and when you wear it, people look at you in an entirely new way. This 14K luxurious gold and diamond Rolex watch is designed to impress and spares nothing to make sure that luxe is at the crux of every passing moment. View the detail. Psst! See that look on Mary's face? It's called jealousy and she's got it bad. You can't really blame her. I mean look at this hot ice! There are 28 round diamonds around the face and they add up to a total of 1.75 carats of sparkling diamonds. This beautiful high quality watch has an integrated 14K yellow gold, open-work band which is adjustable from 7 and 1/4" to 7 and 1/2" long. It closes with a foldover clasp. View the clasp. Sassy's jeweler can lengthen it or shorten it a little if needed. It is pure decadence on a grand scale and it weighs 41.4 grams. The face is beaming almost as much as yours! View the face. The 12 o'clock mark is the Rolex emblem. Small gold bars separated with enameling mark the rest of the quarter hours making it easy to read without bifocals. Gold single bar markers mark the rest of the hours. The works have 17 rubies (jewels) and the watch keeps perfect time. Besides being triple signed Rolex, it also has the Rolex crown insignia on the stem. The face (without the diamonds) is 5/8" by 5/8" so it is much easier to read than some of the older watches. It has a 2 year guarantee. Everyone's gotta know. "Is that a Rolex?" Yes. Yes it is. Just don't forget to be nonchalant about it. (*_*) Excellent condition. SOLD






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Rolex Precision 18K Gold and Diamond Watch (signed Rolex Precision, 18K, works signed Rolex, Swiss, 1400, Rubis, Geneve, 2193610, Inside case signed Montres Rolex SA, Geneva Switzerland, 18K, 0.750, 29) Item DRW9505 She moves like a cat, casually, elegantly, across the floor. Heads are turning and scotch is missing waiting lips, dribbling onto starched shirts and silk ties. Who did she come with? She can't possibly be alone - not looking that good! She orders a cocktail, a champagne cocktail to be exact, and as she lifts the drink in a mock toast to the sea of enchanted observers, the glint of diamonds catches the eye of the one person she really wanted to see. This dame is pure class. Look closer and there is the unmistakable mystique of a Rolex on her wrist. Luxurious 18K yellow gold and diamonds adorning the most sought after manual wind precision timepiece in the world.Circa 1967, this magnificent ladies watch is enhanced by an oval flame of 28 brilliant white diamonds surrounding a lustrous yellow gold face adding dazzling sparkle and charm to an already gorgeous timepiece View. There are .54 carats of diamonds on this stunning watch, casting their light in so many directions its dizzying! And the diamonds? They are GORGEOUS! The face is beautiful and super clean. Artfully echoing the yellow gold of the watch faceis a matching nice and wide 18K integrated mesh band (1/2" wide) that closes with a foldover clasp. View The watch weighs in at 40.8 grams! With 2 adjustments for size, it fits a 16 and 5/8" to 6 and 3/4" wrist. View Sassy's jeweler can lengthen it or shorten it. Signed Rolex on everything! Signed on the face with the Rolex insignia and Rolex Precision, signed on the back of the case with the Rolex insignia, and signed on the works, Rolex Watch Co., plus the Rolex insignia on the stem and the clasp is also signed. "I wanted to thank you for the watch," she purrs to that particular someone. He glances at his generous gift adorning this beauty and notices with glee that the night is still young, and oh it's going to be grand! Excellent condition. $4400.00 $3500.00

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Rolex 18K Diamond Watch (signed Rolex Perpetual Datejust, Superlative Chronometer, Officially certified, Swiss made) Item DRW3147 Excellent condition. SOLD



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.86 CARATS of




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Regines 18K Gold, Ruby and Diamond Swiss Watch (signed Regines and tests + for at least 18K gold and may be higher) Item EDM4 This stunning early 1930s Swiss watch was purchased at a Scottsdale estate. It was made during the Great Depression when the average American's income dropped 40%. But this watch belonged to a very special woman. Her husband happened to make a fortune during the 1930s and he loved treating her... And, of course, she didn't mind that at all. The watch was set in high carat yellow gold. It tests higher than 18K gold!! The gold is engraved on the sides. View the engraving. The top is white gold to enhance the diamonds. There are 86 sparkling, mine-cut diamonds that add up to .86 carats and 6 gorgeous, princess-cut real rubies add another 1.8 carats. That's 2.66 carats of fine gems! View the diamonds and rubies. Sassy had a new silver mesh band put on it and Sassy's jeweler can adjust it from 4 and 1/2" to 8 and 1/2". View the band. The face is original but still easily readable with the blue steel hands pointing to 3, 6, 9, 12, and markers for the other numbers. View the face.The head and articulated lugs are 3" long and 5/8" wide. And now view the back. You won't see another antique diamond and ruby watch quite like this one because it is VERY RARE! Excellent condition. Price $4792.00

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Hamilton 14K White Gold and Diamond Watch (signed 14K, Hamilton, 22 jewels, 757, adjusted) Item DHW9511 SOLD




LeCoultre 14K Asymmetrical Diamond Watch Item DLW4646 Flying first class, sipping on the finest champagne and dining at the most exclusive restaurants. It's the way you live your life and you wouldn't trade it for the world. You love living the glamorous life and this circa 1960s LeCoultre watch is about as luxurious as they come. LeCoultre is known for being an exceptional quality timepiece. A 14k gold tear drop shaped case is set asymetrically for eyecatching appeal. Combine 2 dainty ribbons with 5 diamonds on the top lug, with a blazing florette of 7 diamonds on the bottom lug, and you get the ultimate in recherché regality for the ultra-elite. There is a little over 1/4 of a carat of diamonds. The white face is blazoned with the LeCoultre name and relies on stark design to convey a powerful message with incredible impact. Small silver hands keep time without missing a beat. This very collectible and impressive watch is 6" long, (can be lengthened) and has its original white gold filled band and closes with a foldover clasp. You'll have instant international appeal with this dynamic, unusual and sexy timepiece. Excellent condition. Price $4200.00

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Art Deco Longines Platinum 2.7 Carat Diamond and Emerald Watch (signed Longines, 4178496, 7.45 the watch case tests + for platinum and the band is signed with insignias FOR 18k gold) Item VDLW3 Show the world you mean business in this serious and luxurious scene stealer! No nonsense glamour takes center stage with this stupendous art deco timepiece in sleek PLATINUM!! And it also just happens to be a high quality Longines. The face is marquise shaped with crisp black numerals marking each hour. Each elongated lug is bezel set with six small diamonds and a 1/4 carat diamond, and the face is surrounded with 12 diamonds, all totaling over 1.2 carats of diamonds. Click to see them. But even better, 6 high quality, intensely green emerald baguettes flank the diamonds on each end. Their vivid hue and clarity are stunning! They add up to approximately 1.5 carats of emeralds. The luxurious 18K white gold mesh band (with no kinks) is a perfect accompaniment for the gorgeous lines of the platinum watch and is marked with 18K gold insignias. View the band. The watch weighs 19.3 grams and is adjustable from 5" to 8 and 1/2" long for a comfortable, relaxed fit. The winding stem is also an emerald. The watch is from the 1930s and has been cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and it keeps time beautifully. All those elegant and gorgeous jewels will just keep begging you to take them out for your special evenings. Why disappoint them? Or you?? Time to show off! Fabulous, fashionable, and fantastic Longines Art Deco platinum, diamond and Emerald watch. Excellent condition. Price $8880.00

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Art Deco Antique Platinum, Sapphires, and  Diamond Watch (signed Abra Watch Co, 17 jewels, , 2 adjustments, Platinum. Band is marked 18K, Kreisler Mesh, Pat. Pend) Item VD9543 Excellent condition. SOLD




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Rolex 14K Diamond Ladies Watch (signed Rolex 14K gold, R and Rolex on the inside of the case, 17 Jewels, S. A., Montres 1400, Swiss on the mechanism, and the Rolex symbol on the stem) Item DRW158 Your life was no cakewalk. You worked hard to get where you are. And the amazing thing is that you were able to accomplish it all while raising a family and taking care of a home. Your life has been so special and you deserve to enjoy something special.This Rolex diamond watch is an original in every way, just like you. Take a look. It's not often that you find a timeless timepiece like this one that does everything to impress while making it look effortless. This authentic Swiss Rolex luxury watch features sleek lines with a 14K white gold intregated band. See the band. From the 1960s, the face is flanked with a diamond at the top and a diamond at the bottom. They are clear, white, and of the highest quality. The band is integrated (vocabulary) Now, see it up close.

The watch also has a beautiful face with a faceted crystal which gives it extra sparkle. See the face. This triple signed timepiece also has the Rolex symbol on the stem and contains its original high quality Swiss Rolex mechanism and 1/8 of a carat of beautiful clear diamonds. The watch is adjustable from 6 and 7/8" to 7 and 1/8" It can be lengthened or shortened by Sassy's jeweler at your request. The watch has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and keeps time beautifully. See the back. Success has it's own rewards, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to give success a few hints as to what you really want. Excellent condition. Price $3300.00

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Antique Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Watch (signed platinum, Lauret, 17 Jewels, Benrus Watch Co., 8237, Swiss, Model Q71, back of case signed Midwest Platinum, band signed 14k) Item VW9504. SOLD







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14K Jeweled Enameled Cameo Slide Bracelet Watch (signed 14K Altair, 17 Jewels) Item DACW9520 Stunning does not begin to describe this rare and incredible flip top hidden timepiece. The enameled face and the faces of the cameos are gorgeous. Sassy says it is even prettier in person because each jewel on the slide bracelet takes turns catching your eye. Victorian Revival, it is from the 1960s. You will be a star of the paparazzi when you slip this knock-out 14K yellow gold amazing watch on your wrist. It is not only a watch, but it is a slide bracelet too. The head of the watch is a flip top beautifully enameled cameo and is 5/8" wide at the center. The band and watch are integrated into a slide bracelet and measures 6 and 1/4" long and sassy's jeweler can add a little extension if needed. The 14K gold band is totally spectacular with a dazzling constellation of jewels including coral, emerald, ruby, pearls, amethyst, a mother of pearl cameo, and a shell cameo. Nothing detracts from the overall glamorous profusion of jewels because the hidden push clasp has an emerald and 2 pearls hiding it. The watch is 39.9 grams. Incablok manual mechanisms are considered high quality timepieces. When you lift the cameo top, you can peek at a perfectly clean face. Naturally a 14K gold watch with 17 jewels and an incablok mechanism keeps perfect time, whether you're meeting someone at your private plane or the neighborhood cineplex. It is Unusual, rare, and spectacular. Excellent condition. Price $3600.00

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Stunning Hamilton Antique 3 Carat Diamond Watch (signed 14K Hamilton 17 Jewels) Item DHW8989 You're a goddess! You're every woman and you've done it all! You've juggled kids, a home, a career and then some! Everytime the pace picks up and others fall behind, you're right there to scoop them up and get them going again. But they can't always keep up with you. You're a star in your own right and a star's got to shine! Shine your brightest with the electrifying light that radiates from this spectacular circa 1950s Hamilton diamond watch. Burning as bright as the noonday sun, this haute Hamilton timepiece is a real gem in every sense of the word. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds! Even Marylin Monroe would swoon over this one! High quality diamonds encircle a pristine round watch face and case which is 3/4" in diameter. A total of 16 large diamonds form a heavenly halo that glimmers like liquid fire around the border of the 14K white gold case. It weighs 20.5 grams. The elegant watch band with 34 diamonds is rich beyond comparison. There is a total of 50 oustanding round diamonds that slip around your wrist and sizzle with a radiance that can't be eclipsed! There are approximately 3 carats of stunning full cut round brilliant clean, SI1 clarity bright F-G color diamonds upon this dazzling timepiece. It is 6 and 1/2" long and closes with a double lock and safety chain. It can be extended 1/4" for free by Sassy's jeweler. Give your life the taste of grandeur that says you've finally arrived at the pinnacle! You deserve it. Excellent condition. Price $7500.00

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Dear Sassy, I received an exquisite platinum and sapphire watch unlike any other I have seen- the website is easy to use, and carries magnificent pieces- truly a collector's dream--the service was personalized, and excellent--exceeds all others I have dealt with by far, yet beyond all of this, the owner defies the typical, stoic descriptions of the pieces---she takes it to a new, enticing level, that will describe the wonderful happennings that will occur when we all wear them-- Ruth M.









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14K Abercrombie and Fitch 1940s English Hunter Jumpers Intaglio Watch (signed Abercrombie & Fitch Co, 14k, Zodiac) Item CDAW8675 Since age 4, Cindy loved horses. And she had her dad wrapped around her finger. He sent her for riding lessons, paid for her leathers, the sheepskins, the shoeing by the ferrier, the farm where the horse was kept and the stable trainers who fed her horses over the years. Cindy rode after school and on Saturdays. She rode English hunter jumpers. And she was good! She won so many ribbons they covered her bedroom wall. And finally, when she was just 16, Cindy was chosen to try out for the olympics!! When Sassy saw this solid 14K gold 1930s to 1940s watch , she couldn't believe her eyes. It has reverse carved English crystals with painted English hunter jumpers. How rare is it? (*_*) Well, Sassy has never seen another one like it and believes she never will. The watch face and the reverse carvings (intaglios) have bubble tops. But that's not the kicker! Each hunter jumper is carved into the crystal in layers and then painted making it 3 dimensional! But wait, there's more! The band is a PAIR OF STIRRUPS !! The face is original and easy to read. So, who is Cindy? She is Sassy's daughter. And she has gone on to bigger and better things now but still loves horses. This equestrian watch is from the 1940s and is rarer than rare! It has been cleaned, oiled, and adjusted and keeps perfect time. It is 7" long and Sassy's jeweler can shorten or lengthen it a little if needed. And Sassy believes you will never see another one like it! EXTREMELY RARE! Excellent condition. Price $3600.00

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