If you are on the email list and occasionally get an email from Sassy notifying you that there has been an update, yet you go to that page and someone has already purchased your favorite item, the buyer knew something that you did not... so here is the secret:

Sassy updates the website multiple times a week!! Does she send an email out multiple times a week, every single time she updates? Heavens no. She doesn't like getting those "REMOVE"!!!! notes from shoppers who get annoyed with too many notes. She understands that you are busy and do not want to be alerted several times a week. So, she sends out an email ONLY when she updates multiple categories on the same day.

So, how do those early buyers find out when she updates? They cleverly check the contents page (the page you just came from) 2 or 3 times a day. It takes less than a minute to scan down the page and check the dates next to each category. When you see an updated category, you can go there right away. That's the secret.

So, why be put on an email list? Sometimes Sassy feels sorry for those people who do not have time to become Sassy Classics Stalkers and she likes them to get a first shot at something occasionally. On those days, she updates everything just before sending out an email. So, good luck, good wishes, and happy shopping!!


Bruce (Sassy's husband)