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(if you happen to experience any problems with the form, feel free to call Sassy at 480 219 9251).

To order an item or items:

Simply type in the Items, Item #s, and Prices for items into the appropriate boxes below and then click on the "Add to Cart" button.

To Layaway an item:

Simply type in the Item, Item #, and 1/3 Price for the item into the appropriate box below (do not put in the full price) and then click on the "add to Cart" button.

To continue shopping:

After hitting the "Add to Cart" button and filling in the information, you may continue shopping by hitting the "back arrow" at the top of your browser, back spacing to the page you were on and continuing. If you hit the back arrow on your browser after ordering your first item or items and then see another item you wish to purchase at that time, the cart will still be holding all your items until you "checkout". If you are having problems with the cart, you may call Sassy. She will help you with the form or take your order over the phone at 480 219 9251

To view cart contents:

Scroll down to bottom of this page and click onto the "View Cart" button. After viewing it, if you wish to continue shopping, hit the back arrow of your browser.


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