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Hattie Carnegie Signed Domed Floral Necklace (signed Hattie Carnegie) Item DCN9117 You're an organizer, a socialite, a mother and the best soiree starter in 10 counties. You wear a lot of hats, but you'll only need one necklace to take you through every aspect of your high profile life. This versatile Hattie Carnegie floral necklace combines effortless elegance with everyday chic to give you the perfect highlight for any occasion. Fresh as a daisy, but with tons more pizzazz this necklace is all about the drama. White marquise milkstones fan out like flower petals from a large opaque blue glass gem upon each of three lively domed openwork panels that make up the necklace's centerpiece. These fancy flowers are accentuated by smaller green and blue opaque faceted stones, giving it a vibrant life that you'll find exuding in everything that you do. View the flowers! A single strand of deep blue stones gives this necklace daintiness while keeping things visually stunning. The necklace is 15" long and closes with a hidden decorative push clasp. Dress it up or dress it down, this vintage signed Hattie Carnegie necklace is a consistent in-crowd pleaser. Excellent condition. SOLD




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Miriam Haskell Gray and Red Glass Necklace (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHN9046 Celebrate chic with copious amounts of classy candy that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth for style. This essential Miriam Haskell Glass Necklace delivers a bombshell bonanza of elegant attraction and smart seduction. Marbled gray round beads provide a sharp contrast to small abstract candy red beads that give explosive impact to this nifty designer necklace. View the beads. It's virtually a stroke of genius when combined with your favorite classic outfit or dress up your favorite jeans and a T. The necklace is adjustable from 14" to 15 and 1/2" and closes with a decorative hook clasp. View the closure. The necklace is flirty, fun and eternally feminine. Excellent condition. Price $240.00

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Beaded Pearl Dog Collar Item N9700 These are not June Cleaver's pearls! Oh no! This captivating piece takes the pearl necklace to dizzying heights with the addition of just a few simple details - like a fabulously ornate central cluster! Throw away that apron Mrs. Cleaver, Ward's got a twinkle in his eye tonight! This beautiful necklace features two luminous strands of pearls keeping company with a beautiful center display of fabulous seed pearl beading. View the detail. However, these are all just window dressing, because the real showstopper is the spray of sumptuous large tear drop shaped pearls on each side. This elegant jewel must be worn as a dog collar only. The glass pearls are high quality with a beautiful nacre. It is adjustable from 12 and 1/4" to 14" and it closes with a hook clasp and a dangling pearl tear drop. View the closure. The warmth of the meticulously beaded pearls is so flattering to bare skin that Sassy thinks its time to trade in that conservative tweed for something satiny and very low cut! "Let's go out tonight," you purr as he walks in the door - who can resist? Let someone else do the work - you can both use the break! Excellent condition. Price $168.00

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Iridescent Prystal Choker Item N3404 For thousands of years, women have understood the allure of sparkling stones against bare skin. This radiant Iridescent choker from the 1930's is a wondrous example of just how loudly a simple but absolutely sublime piece can roar! The flashing is not distracted by a lot of distracting metal; all you see is glittering effervescence! Restrung for safety with the original findings, it is 13 1/2" long and closes with its original push in clasp. View the closure. So this is definitely a choker and can't be lengthened. It has no superfluous anything to get in the way of its outrageous, self-confident beauty! To find an iridescent prystal choker from the 1930s is great but to find one with this much lasting clarity is fantastic! Elegant simplicity. Excellent condition.  SOLD



Amber Phenolic Necklace Item BN1901 Honey never looked as sweet as the rich warmth of this Amber Phenolic Necklace. In case you're wondering, Phenolic plastic is in the Bakelite category of early plastics, making it very collectible. This is one treat you won't feel guilty savoring! Graduated Amber Phenolic beads and smaller separator beads alternate along the necklace's length, bathing you in a luxurious golden glow. View1. Wear this beauty and everyone will think you are wearing amber. The necklace is opera length at 26 and 1/2" long and closes with a spring ring clasp. View2. Go on! Give the girls at the tea house a thrill with this honeyed amber necklace that will be the sweet treat of the day. Excellent condition. Price $180.00

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Dear Kristi, May I offer my felicitations! Thanks for writing. Sassy

I showed my fiance the rhinestone necklace (I hope that isn't bad luck) and he was blown away-I think I have tried it on at least 5 times a day since I got it! I look through all of the bridal magazines and look at all of the necklaces the brides are wearing and just think none of them compare. Thanks so much! I will definitely feel like a princess on my wedding day THANKS! Kristi





Craft Vintage Designer Jeweled Necklace (signed Craft) Item DCN8826 This relatively rare vintage designer jeweled necklace by Craft will match your personality's sparkle and splendor with its vibrant color and rhinestone flash. The highest quality design and outstanding workmanship augment this striking and elegant necklace that Sassy believes to be circa 1960s. Stunning faux gemstones of jade, lapis, carnelian and diamonds look like the real thing and will leave everyone breathless. These oval gems are set in double ovals with the rhinestones crisscrossing the centerpiece and accenting the sides. A single rich golden herringbone chain that looks just like 14K gold holds the gems aloft. The necklace is 16 and 3/4" long and 1" wide at the center. It closes with a foldover clasp. Your friends will marvel at the way this vintage dream makes you shine! Excellent condition. Price $168.00

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