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Signed and unsigned vintage costume jewelry necklaces, antique necklaces, and vintage and antique costume jewelry necklaces. Signed vintage and antique necklaces on this page include Miriam Haskell, Volupte, Cookie Lee. Unsigned necklaces: Art deco necklace, mesh necklace, art deco paste necklace, Victorian necklace, Victorian Revival, glass necklaces, rhinestones, pink rhinestones,pearls, Italian glass, faux citrine, Austrian crystal, dangle necklace, grape clusters, and a pearl bib necklace. Colors include green, red, blue, black, citrine, amber, turquoise, yellow, and pink. Phone 480 219 9251 Email Sassy

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French Blue and Green Poured Glass Necklace Item 43123 At first look, these true green and cobalt blue long beads look like little beads in a row. But they are actually long poured glass beads. view the detail . Don't be surprised at all the interest in getting a word in your ear. The necklace is as beautiful up close as it looks across the table. When Layton announces dinner is served, not only your date, but other gentlemen will rush up, eager to escort the elegant lady to the dining room. This fabulous necklace measures 18 and 1/2" and it closes with a gorgeous gold plated clasp. View the clasp. Of course you don't have to wear it to the Club, wear it everywhere you want to be noticed as the most glamorous lady in town. Elegant, old club style look! Excellent condition. Price $180.00

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Vintage Pink Beaded Necklace Item N9575 This is a sinfully pink, exquisitely girlie necklace that will make you deliriously happy to be an exquisite, sinful girl who LOVES pink! About as fabulously, femininely pink as you can possibly get, just short of the pink poodle and the pink mink, dahling! View the detail! These glamorous, original, and perfect glass stones go all the way around your neck. But better than that, a luxurious profusion of cascading beads drop slightly over 1 and 1/2" deep enhancing your sexy neck. 19" long, it closes with a hook clasp and dangling pink beads. View the hook clasp and dangling beads. View the hook clasp and dangling beads. This is one vintage bauble that will make your girlfirends want to ram your Town Car straight into next week! Excellent condition. Price 180.00

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Celluloid and Bakelite Cameo Pendant Item BR1944 Oh my Goodness. This gorgeous layered Cameo has the most beautiful translucent burnt orange Celluloid layered background with 'carved' dots on the top layer. A beautiful Black Bakelite cameo sits on top. Circa 1940s it can hang on a chain or a ribbon. Sassy will add a brass or silver link on the top to slide on a chain when requested. It is a dramatic-not-to-be-missed size at 3 and 1/8" tall by a little over 2 and 1/2" wide. View the detail. Excellent condition. SOLD

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Vintage Hobe Aqua Art Glass & Crystal Torsade (signed Hobe) Item DHN7112 I can picture it all now. An exotic locale…lounging on a big, comfy chair, being treated like a queen and looking like one. Wait a minute. Why imagine it when you can make it happen? This circa 1950s Hobe Swirled Art Glass and Crystal Necklace will transform you into an exotic goddess in more ways than one. Triplets of swirled aqua art glass beads are separated by pairs of aurora borealis stones. Below them are stunning foiled glass beads. View the detail. Simply precious! And among these beads, float blue aurora borealis crystals that give it extra twinkle. The necklace is 16 and 1/8" long and closes with a hook clasp and a dangling swirled aqua bead. You'll give new definition to the word sexy, wearing this vintage necklace and that awesome little number you picked up at the boutique! I can just picture it…Goddess wear supreme. Excellent condition. $180.00

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Carved Bone Crucifix Pendant Item CN48411 Be proud of your faith and show it by wearing this beautiful antique crucifix. This gorgeous carved bone cross is from the 1940s (maybe earlier) and has a gold ring at the top so you can put a small gold chain through it. View the detail. Maybe you don't go to daily Mass, but you do love the Lord. I love crosses; I am a born again Christian and also am Catholic. I know.. go figure. I like letting other people know about Jesus. I don't bug people, and I don't proseletize. Instead, I like to try to show them by my good Christian works. However, I admit that I fall short pretty often so I show my faith with my jewelry. (*_*) Wear this beautiful crucifix and show your faith. Excellent condition. Price $96.00

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Pink Leaded and Engraved Crystal Necklace  Item VN6852 This very feminine leaded crystal necklace is circa 1920s, and is most likely of Czechoslovakian origin. There is a beautiful engraving on the centerpiece .View the detail. The center crystal may have originally been designed to be worn up and down instead of across since it has a tiny hole hidden at one side behind a prong. Yet the stone appears to have been set many many years ago. So, I believe it is original to the necklace. 14 and 1/2" long, it closes with a spring ring clasp. View the clasp. It can be lengthened if needed. Just ask. The centerpiece is 1 and 3/8" across and 1" deep. Very minor acceptable flea bites can be seen only with a high power magnifying glass but not with the naked eye. Beautiful sparkles come from the multi faceted crystals and the beveled centerpiece. Excellent condition. SOLD



Vintage Cookie Lee Vintage Necklace Item DLN5988 Boardroom and bistro will both light up with the sophisticated chic of this Vintage circa 1990s Necklace. This mystifying gold MESH necklace will fill your days with high powered fashion and your evenings with effortless elegance. See the mesh. A single gold mesh strand features prominently as a shared focal point in this magnificent piece. See the centerpiece. A luxuriously designed silvertone and goldtone repousse bead centerpiece with a regal purple cabochon accent is an undeniably intoxicating creation that makes your style shine! The necklace is 16 and 3/4" long and closes at the front with a nice firm snap. This versatile vintage designer necklace is ready to turn up the chic day or night! Excellent condition. Price $136.00

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Dear Rosamaria, Congratulations to your daughter. It sounds like she is very caring. Glad she loved the cross. Thank You. Sassy

Hello Sassy,

Just want to say that I received the pendant. And my daughter loved it, a gift to her for graduation from nursing and for the care she gives to my mother, her grandmother who is 84 years with dementia

Thank you for making my purchase possible since your jewelry is unique and beautiful. Thank you again, Rosamaria G.





Sterling Silver and Azurite Cross Pendant (signed 925) Item MSC9905 Your faith is reflected in every aspect of your life and you're happy to share it with everyone who will hear. This Sterling Silver and Azurite cross is a beautiful expression of enduring faith and strength of spirit. A large sterling silver cross with extraordinary filigree openwork is a profound beacon of light in your everyday walk of life. View the steling openwork. Such a beautiful testament will not go unnoticed. The cross itself frames a fine selection of fine azurite cabochons in varying hues of heavenly blue. See the cross. The cross is circa early 1900s. Sassy added the Mexico sterling chain (circa 1970s) because it looked so perfect with the cross. You can see the care and love that went into crafting this magnificent cross. See another view. It was surely a labor love. The cross is 3 and 1/2" long by 2 and 1/4" wide, and the chain is 26" long and can be shortened if needed (just ask). It closes with a wide hook clasp. You will cherish this enduring symbol of faith, hope and charity. Excellent condition. Price $216.00

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Volupte Spectacular Large Rhinestone Necklace Item DVN9913 SOLD





Antique Gold Filled Sweetheart Locket Item VLN9901 As the news reels flickered on the screen with the latest updates on the war, she stared at his smiling face in her locket and dreamed of his return home. This circa late 1930s to early 1940s (during WWII) Gold Filled Sweetheart Locket has a story to tell and holds meaning to anyone who has ever known or loved one of our gallant servicemen. The locket is engraved on the outside with flowers and two hearts. The sentiment is proof positive that love is ever blooming and beautiful no matter how far apart two people may be. Inside are the faces of a serviceman and the love of his life. Who are they? We don't know, but with smiles like those, we know all that we need to know. The locket is 3/4" in diameter. As a reminder of love or a beautiful memento of the past, this is a cherished memory you'll treasure forever. Excellent condition. Price $75.00

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14K GOLD &



Victorian 14K Gold and Turquoise Cross Pendant (signed 14k) Item VFNC9775 For you, faith is something you live every day and you will gladly proclaim it from the mountain tops. This Victorian 14K Gold Cross Pendant shines your faith and devotion like a beacon to the world! The main body of the cross is simple in design with a central design of leaves and vines that grow to form a second 'living cross' that has a turquoise cabachon intersection. This is truly an inspired piece. It is 2 and 1/2" long by 1 and 1 and 1/4" wide. The cross is 2.9 grams in 14K gold. This is a wonderful gift of devotion and love for yourself or a loved one. Excellent condition. Price $388.00

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