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BOLO with



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Elegant 1920s Black Crystal and Rhinestone Rondelles Bolo Necklace Item VN9530 "Step up, step out and stay ahead." This Elegant Black Crystal Rhinestone Rondelles Bolo is a Sassy calling card that speaks to the woman who lives for edgy yet elegant jewels. This bold black beauty is electrifying thanks to super hot sparkle that will have the staff checking the thermostat. Shimmering black crystal beads and rich rhinestone rondelles are transformed by a single strand that slides throgh a sumptuously clustered collection, in a barrel shape, right at the base of the throat. View the detail. These striking beads then cascade down growing larger before culminating in a vision of night and fire. Circa 1930s, the necklace is adjustable from 12" to 15" by sliding the centerpiece up or down. Sassy's staff can add a short extension at the back if requested. These adventurous jewels reflect your tremendous trend setter savoir faire. Excellent condition. $162.00

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Matinee LengthTiger Eye Necklace Item FN2137 Fiercely stylish stones strike a stunning chord as you step out wearing this circa 1940s Matinee Length Tiger Eye Necklace. The cat's eye reflection of these stones is irresistible and exotic, shimmering under the light with a radiant beauty that makes photo ops a must! View the detail. The necklace is 21" long and closes with a filigree clasp. It has been restrung for safety. This is an amazing stunner for those festive formal occasions. Although I believe you could get away with wearing it to work. EExcellent condition. Price $348.00

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Bakelite End of Day Statement Necklace Item BN6206 Sassy does it again! Size makes a statement and wow, does this magnificent necklace have a lot to say! Impressively sized End of Day Green Bakelite beads comprise this incredible necklace. Purchased at an estate in Paradise Valley, Arizona about 22 years ago, Sassy has held onto it all those years. However, she is beginning to realize that she owns a business, not a museum so she is letting it go.The center 'stone' is a noteworthy 2" long by 1 and 1/8" wide. The side attractions are 2" tall by 9/16" wide. View the giant beads. The beads get smaller as you go to the sides. View the side. And it closes with a hidden round green bead topped push clasp. This is a perfect cheer me up necklace - you simply cannot remain blue wearing this (I mean, it would clash!). Excellent condition. SOLD




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Monet Magenta Enameled Necklace (signed Monet) Item DMN9918 This stately 1960s necklace came from an estate in Scottsdale, Arizona. The color is somewhere between a deep magenta or deep orchid. The perfectly enameled center piece is 5 and 1/4" across and lays elegantly, with an almost casual charm - really, I'm not trying to look this good, it just happens! It is held by a single silvertoned chain The quality and superb styling are obvious in this glamorous piece. The necklace is a comfortable length, measuring in at 16 and 1/2" long and closes with a foldover clasp. View the clasp. The necklace is well - just stunning! Excellent condition. Price $168.00

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Blue Peking Glass Dangle Necklace Item N3012 Slip on this utterly feminine and glamorous necklace when you are ready for romance. It is elegant and is eye candy at its best. Composed of the most gorgeous Peking blue opaque glass beads, two rows go across the center and flow upward to a single strand that closes at the back. But the extravagant dangles are the real scene stealer. It has dripping blue glass beads. View the beads. Graduating 3 bead dangles start smaller at the sides and are largest at the center. The largest bead is over 1/2" in diameter - that's big! The necklace is 2" deep from the top strand to the bottom of the longest dangle. 14" to 16" long, it closes with a hook clasp and dangling blue beads. View the closure. All eyes will be on you, especially that special someone's. Excellent condition. Price $348.00

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Rare Victorian Whitby Faceted Jet Mourning Necklace Item VN2842 SOLD




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Victorian Micromosaic Floral Necklace Item VN1929 This incredible and rare Victorian antique necklace is a visual feast for the eyes. Circa late 1800s, itsy bitsy forest green tesserae (vocabulary) are placed in an outer circular ring. Within the ring are two flowers, a little yellow flower and a little red flower. They are surrounded with even tinier yellow daisies and green leaves. View the detail. The discs themselves graduate from very tiny at the back to little at the front. The smallest ones are just 3/16" in diameter and they graduate to 1/2". The necklace is a generous length of 17 and 1/2". Absolutely beautiful. Necklaces from this era are hard to find as they are already in many collector's antique jewelry collections. Don't wait. Grab it. It's yours. Excellent condition. Price $320.00

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Dear Marcia, I think we have the same taste! Love, Sassy

Hi Sassy, I love it and think I'm so smart when I receive an item and it's even nicer than pictured. That necklace is awesome and sooo me. Thanks for your good taste. L&K, Marcia


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Vintage Opera Length Jade Estate Necklace Item FN9671 This vintage estate necklace has luxurious icy green translucent jade beads. The beads were individually knotted for a classic look. Carved and polished to be super smooth, they wear like the finest silk. With 8mm (5/16") in diameter beads, the necklace is opera length at 32" long. View the gorgeous beads. From an estate in Paradise Valley, AZ, and dripping with class, this fine necklace has no end so you can just slip it over your head. It is wearable to work, out to dinner, or to the opera. Excellent condition. Price $144.00

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Red, White, and YOU Lucite Matinee Necklace Item BN1897 Honestly, this knockout necklace would make overalls with a "Carl" name patch look feminine, even if you're wearing Carl's workboots too! It's eyelash batting time ladies. And this one is an eye catcher! It is composed of a double strand of round Chinese-red Lucite beads and a stunning, huge red and white decorative, rectangular and round bead accent on each side. View the sides. The accents are a whopping 3 and 3/8" long by 3/4" wide. Circa 1950s, it is a wearable matinee length at 22" long and closes with a round silver push clasp. And while this neckace is not so subtle in all of its red and white glory, the truth is he won't stand a chance. This is femme all right - femme fatale! Oh and Carl wants to know why you're wearing his work stuff. Just slip out of it and I'll try to explain. Excellent condition. Price $140.00

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Dear Marti,

Cherry red is hard to find in jewelry and even harder to find in clothes! I know 'cuz it's my favorite color too! Thank YOU. Sassy

Dear Sassy, Just wanted you to know that I received the two red necklaces last night and they are the perfect shade of juicy, mouthwatering, cherry red! I love them, especially the gorgeous three strand necklace that is so fantastically faceted. I told my co-workers that I had found the perfect red necklace and now all I needed to get was the outfit to go with it and they laughed....they clearly don't understand my jewelry obsession - the jewelry always comes first! Thanks again, Marti







Haskellesque Pearls & Green Crystal Pendant Necklace Item DHN5824 SOLD




Early Miriam Haskell Dangle Necklace Item BDHN8494 Let the music play and you're out on the dance floor. If there's fun to be had, you're there! While you're out there enjoying yourself, let everyone know you're the life of the party by wearing this engaging Early Miriam Haskell necklace that loves to have just as much fun as you do! Pretentious pastel crystal rods in green, pink, blue and white are gathered together in a colorful centerpiece that's almost as long as the number of people waiting in line just to snag a little of your time tonight. White glass bead enders hold the rods in place while they dangle from a creamy celluloid link chain. See the white glass enders. The necklace is 15 and 3/4" long and is 1 and 1/4" wide. I had the Miriam Haskell matching brooch a couple of years ago. The necklace closes with a spring ring clasp. This neat vintage Miriam Haskell necklace is full of energy and life! Then again so are you! Excellent condition. Price $336.00

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Antique Venetian Aventurine 24K gold Glitter Choker Item N1811 You've struck gold and wow does it light up a room! This luxurious circa 1930s Venetian Aventurine Choker with 24K gold flecks has a moneyed mystique that will leave you feeling like a golden goddess! Gold flecks sparkle and dance across the rich, oyster-white/warm-beige aventurine beads that make up this super swanky strand! See the gold flecksL Each of the beads is dazzling with 24k gold glitter that sets off sparks with every gleam of light. You might just be mistaken for a gold magnate! The necklace is 15 and 1/4" long and closes with an old but well working screw barrel clasp. See the clasp. The necklace has been restrung for safety using all the original parts. This glitzy antique gold choker is a rich indulgence for the stylish socialite! Excellent condition. Price $120.00

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Most necklaces can be extended with vintage beads, vintage chain, or pearls. For my own customers, anytime you need a new Necklace Extender added to the necklace you are purchasing from me and it ends in a spring ring, just add this to your order: NECKLACE EXTENDER, NE1234, Price $4.00 For more complicated extensions, click here or Email Sassy, or call Sassy at 480 219 9251



Vendome Brushed Platinum Bead Choker (signed Vendome) Item DVN9970 You've got standards! Everything has to be top drawer, properly done, but with a spunky spirit. Smart, sophisticated and just lovely, here is a feminine, wear-everyday choker that is soooo classy. Understated for tailored elegance yet in a very classy way, these beads look like brushed platinum. See the beads. They are actually made of glass and the silvery spacers keep them in perfect alignment. Circa 1950s, vintage Vendome jewelry is highly collectible. Although this vintage designer necklace is adjustable from 15" to 18" long, technically making it a necklace, I am calling it a choker because the fabulous 11/16" width of the beads takes up some of the length. Huh? What I mean is that it fits like a choker. This vintage necklace closes with a hook clasp and dangling beads. See the clasp. Excellent condition. $140.00

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