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Glass and Blue Celluloid Poppies Item BGN5289 Wear your posies where they get the most attention. Possibly a very early Miriam Haskell necklace, the necklace is exuberant and vivacious in sophisticated navy with teal accents. The gorgeous flowers will get attention wherever and whenever you wear them. 11 ultra feminine blossoms lay on your tender skin in this 16 and 1/4" long necklace. View the detail. Circa 1920s, each flower is composed of blue celluloid petals that form blossoms. The center pistil (remember that term from Botany?) is a lovely white glass bead topped with a little teal blue discs to imitate nature. The teal discs alternate with the white beads to create the chain of the necklace. Possibly an early Haskell, the necklace closes with a large old well working spring ring clasp.. one without the thumb thingy which is what Miriam Haskell used frequently. The small teal dividers are a little faded from age which can be expected in an almost 100 year old necklace. But the combination of glass and celluloid findings in this beauty can not be beat and the necklace is still gorgeous. Nothing more seductive than poppies swaying gently on your tender décolleté. Sophisticated, and ultra feminine, the look says exuberance, wit and a bit of flirt. Very good condition. Price $288.00

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Miriam Haskell Purple by Frank Hess Parure (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHP8862 The Enchantress. How else do you expect them to describe you when you look so devastatingly beautiful tonight? Is it the jewels? You're darn tootin' it is! This captivating circa 1950 Miriam Haskell parure will have them all mesmerized and by the end of the evening they'll be spellbound. Hailing from an estate in San Diego, California, purple haze and lavender bliss proliferate this flirty necklace as it traipses playfully along your neckline. Soulful, faceted purple oval glass stones alternate with rows of dangling lavender and purple glass beads. View the detail. There is definitely a coquettish vibe that emanates from these jazzy jewels. The necklace is adjustable from 15" to 17 and 1/2"" long. It closes with a decorative hook clasp and a dangling purple crystal. View the closure. The matching cluster earrings are dynamite! They dangle like divine fruit from a heavenly vine; too decadent to resist! A single purple faceted gem is nestled at the bottom of each lavender bead cluster. They are 2 and 3/8" long and dangle like crazy. Both Sinatra and Hendrix crooned about women who had that kind of magical allure that set the mind to thinking. Can you become that woman? With this parure it's assured. Excellent condition. Price $792.00

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Miriam Haskell Blue Flower Parure (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHP7953 This magnificent designer set is phenomenal! Miriam Haskell baroque pearls set the stage but oh my! The blue glass floral centerpiece is the star! It has one clear paste and a blue faceted crystal sitting on top of the poured blue glass center flower and gorgeous deep blue and light blue paste stones above which are surrounded by clear pastes. View the centerpiece. Eye-catching color, the centerpiece is a dramatic 1 and 9/16" wide by 1 and 3/4" tall. The necklace is adjustable from 17" to 18 and 1/2" long and closes with a pearl topped floret on each side, dangling pearls, and a hook clasp. I love love LOVE the oval Japanese pearls and they are in excellent shape without discoloration or peeling. The stunning centerpiece and the clasp are both signed Miriam Haskell. View the signature. If that isn't enough, we have the co-starring earrings! They are absolutely stellar in their own right and don't even need a necklace to make their own show. They are large gold gilt leaf earrings with 2 shades of blue crystals and clear Pate' de verre (vocabulary). And they are also signed. No detail is left for the imagination. It's all right there! The set is in the most amazingly fabulous condition. The necklace has been restrung for safety. It came from a sweet and classy elderly lady in Nebraska who only wore the highest upperend designer clothes and only the best Miriam Haskell jewelry. Restored at Sassy Classics. Excellent condition. Price $786.00

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Miriam Haskell Large Pearl Choker (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHN40070 SOLD


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Miriam Haskell Red Glass Parure (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHP4611 Red-hot regalia is the key to making your mark in this world and it just doesn't get any hotter than this. All other women will wilt under the sizzling heat of this haughty Miriam Haskell garnet red parure. This classy, Sassy Classic will make you the sole focus of any event with redder than red beads that give you perky, assertive style. View the beads. The necklace is 16 and 1/4" long and 3 strands come up to a beautiful larger garnet red glass bead towards the back on each side. It closes with a classic Miriam Haskell push-pull clasp. View the back. Garnet red ridged oval glass beads mixed with red aurora borealis beads are devastatingly gorgeous. The necklace has small gray-and-red translucent art glass separators. Matching crimson and blazing aurora borealis beads dangle from adjustable screwback/clip back earrings which are a sexy 1 and 7/8" long. They swish around like crazy drawing attention to your face. Bring sexy back to style with this beautiful, very versatile and collectible designer set. Excellent condition. Price $396.00

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Early Miriam Haskell Turquoise and Pate'-de-verre Earrings Item E1931 Miriam Haskell's main designer in the 1930s, Frank Hess, used glass disc beads like these and similar domed beaded designs. Clip back earrings, they have rich opaque turquoise glass discs with lines of chanel set pate'-de-verre (vocabulary). Circa 1930s, all parts are wired onto a metal circular back. A center dome of sparkling stones and a star burst of more stones create the beautiful creation. View the detail. The design is just plain wonderful. Excellent condition. Price $88.00

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Rare 5 Strand Swarovski Crystal Necklace Item DHN7976 She dined in the finest restaurants, knew the most influential people in the country and did not know the meaning of the word ordinary. This dazzling 1930s Swarovski Crystal Necklace came from the family of an early railroad magnate. Learn more about the railroad magnate's wife. And you are a woman who appreciates living the good life too. Now you can enjoy luxury with this oppulent and weighty crystal necklace. Spectacular fire explodes from 64 facets on each of approximately 200 crystals (that's 12,800 facets!) giving you the attention you deserve. View the crystals. And view them in different light on Kiersten, my assistant. Sultry and classic, this indulgent five-strand necklace is elegant beyond compare. Made to last forever with a gold gilt chain, the necklace is 17" long and each crystal dangles from the chain. It closes with a gorgeous floral box push clasp. View the clasp. This is a timeless style statement that always says WOW! Luxury living is more than a weekend affair, it's an everyday lifestyle. But please, reserve this one for special occasions. Exceptional in every way!  Excellent condition. SOLD




Early Miriam Haskell Dangle Necklace Item BDHN8494 Let the music play and you're out on the dance floor. If there's fun to be had, you're there! While you're out there enjoying yourself, let everyone know you're the life of the party by wearing this engaging Early Miriam Haskell necklace that loves to have just as much fun as you do! Pretentious pastel crystal rods in green, pink, blue and white are gathered together in a colorful centerpiece that's almost as long as the number of people waiting in line just to snag a little of your time tonight. White glass bead enders hold the rods in place while they dangle from a creamy celluloid link chain. See the white glass enders. The necklace is 15 and 3/4" long and is 1 and 1/4" wide. I had the Miriam Haskell matching brooch a couple of years ago. The necklace closes with a spring ring clasp. This neat vintage Miriam Haskell necklace is full of energy and life! Then again so are you! Excellent condition. Price $336.00

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Miriam Haskell Egyptian Revival Jade Pendant (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHN4292  SOLD




Miriam Haskell Purple Crystal Necklace (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHN1892 Sumptuous large crystal baubles are decorated with hand dripped glass to give them a shimmer like there's no tomorrow! Eye candy at its finest, this designer necklace has 4 large beads that are absolutely covered with the hand dripped glass while the smaller beads have a ring of hand dripped glass. View the gorgeous beads. Separating the baubles are itsy bitsy trios containing 2 faceted clear beads and a center transparent light purple bead. Adjustable from 14" to 16 and 1/2" long, it closes with Miriam Haskell's signature decorative floret-hook-clasp that is signed Miriam Haskell. It also has an oval hang tag signed Miriam Haskell. See the florette and clasp. Wear it with pride. Excellent condition. Price $195.00

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Miriam Haskell Rare Baroque Pearl Dog Collar (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHN9477 Pearls convey a sense of sophistication unparalleled by any other gem. There's never been a royal or celebrity who didn't drape herself in posh pearls, so you're sure to feel a sense of pride wearing this stunning Miriam Haskell Baroque Pearl Dog Collar. A simple strand would be satisfying. But why settle for simple when you can indulge in the ecstasy of snob-worthy sophistication? Five strands of extravagant off-white (toward taupe) faux pearls glow marvelously in a supremely crafted dog collar design by the Queen of Jewelry herself, Miriam Haskell. You'll find these fancy baroque pearls to be absolutely luscious. The ones that illuminate the borders are separated by golden rings that brighten their beauty even further. It is full-on fantastic! The ultimate in chi-chi-chic! The necklace has a spring ring base so it hugs your neck and is adjustable from 12 and 1/2" to 14 and 1/2" long and it has an opulent starburst pearl closure with dangling pearls and a ring clasp. The pearls are gorgeous with very minor peeling only at the back. Circa 1950s, Miriam Haskell is at the pinnacle of her art form and you will feel absolutely lavished in her designs. Very good condition. Price $348.00

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Dear Sandy,

Thank YOU for all your purchases!!


I got the package, and I love everything. The pieces are so beautiful. I have never seen anything like it. I put on the Mirium Haskell necklace. Oh boy!! It is fantastic!! I love my new hobby. Thank you again, and I will look at your site again. I can't keep away. Thanks Again, Sandy M







Haskellesque Pearls & Green Crystal Pendant Necklace Item DHN5824 Even the moon envies you tonight, because its beauty can't compare to yours as you stroll beneath the moonbeams wearing this heavenly Haskellesque (vocabulary) Pearl and Crystals Pendant Necklace. Large, luminous baroque, dimpled, faux pearls with tiny gold spacers caress your form in their sensual embrace. Below them a massive golden floral and green crystal pendant presents itself as a paradise and playground for the eyes. Behind sprays of seed pearls and pate' de verre, a green jewel is revealed while two eye catching large pearls dangle and dance beneath. See the detail. This Miriam Haskell looking necklace is 18" long and closes with a decorative round box push clasp. Declare yourself Queen of the Night with this divine Haskellesque beauty! Excellent condition. SOLD





DeMario Pink and Aqua Glass Choker (signed DeMario NY) Item DDN0153 Appropriate for a luncheon meeting, polo match, or regatta at the yacht club, this DeMario necklace is gorgeous! Known for his outstanding designs and the use of gorgeous glass beads, Robert DeMario is often confused with Miriam Haskell. He did not work with her. He was on his own and retired after only a few years in business from 1945 to 1960, making his jewelry fairly rare and very highly desirable. The stunning pastel aqua and pink glass beads in this circa 1950s necklace are beautiful enough but the detail in the centerpiece is just plain gorgeous!! It contains gold gilt brass leaves with large aqua glass beads in 2 shades of aqua, and large pink beads (in 2 shades of pink) along with clusters of seed beads in pink and in aqua. The necklace is just 14" long but Sassy can add up to 1 inch to make it 15". The strands come together at the back with a lovely foral cluster on each side in aqua seed beads and closes with a center golden floret with a clear rhinestone. So when your man invites you to the Annual New Member Dinner at the Westwood Club, you'll know what to wear to impress them all. Excellent condition. SOLD





Miriam Haskell Baby Blue and Lemon Matinee Parure (signed Miriam Haskell) Item DHP9105 Tonight you will herald the rebirth of fashion as a true symbol of power and prestige! Everyone had said devastating style was dead until the moment you stepped in wearing this intoxicating Miriam Haskell Blue and Lemon Matinee Parure. Flatter your silhouette with this refreshing parure that adds colorful feminine mystique to your style arsenal. This magical necklace has an airy attractiveness thanks to the artful translucent blue glass beads that sensually caress your body along three sumptuous strands. Lemon glass seed beads and clear crystal discs separate the blue beads and almost seem to glow with the radiant color of the sun. The necklace is 22" and closes with a decorative rhinestone and filigree push clasp (the classic Haskell closure). The matching Miriam Haskell earrings are reminiscent of fancy flowers with oodles of lemon seed beads encircling a large aqua bead center. The earrings are 3/4" in diameter clips backs. Flaunt this elegant extravaganza of beaded brilliance like nobody's business! Excellent conditoin. Price $324.00

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Early Miriam Haskell Pink/Blue & Pearl Dog Collar Parure Item DHP8946 SOLD





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Early Miriam Haskell Black Dangle Jewelry Parure  Item DHP8440 Tonight you will hold the world captive with the seductive beauty and incomparable sex appeal of this daunting circa 1930s Early Miriam Haskell parure. Put aside every idea you've ever had about what it means to be sexy, because this magnificent necklace will redefine the word for eternity! Long dangling black celluloid beads with round gold bead enders playfully dance along a black, woven rope strand. These clustered and layered beads really bring out the woman in you as theY swing and sway with your every move. The necklace is 15" long and closes with a round gold slip through button. If a swish is your wish when you dramatically turn your head then you'll fall in love with the matching earrings. These foxy dangle, screw back earrings give off just the right amount of girlish flair while enhancing your womanly wiles. The earrings feature black beads with gold enders suspended from a black disc holding four faceted black rhinestones. The earrings are screw backs and are 1 and 1/2" long. This jewelry parure is social sassiness and is both classy and chic! Guaranteed authentic early Miriam Haskell. Excellent condition. Price $384.00

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Miriam Haskell Turned Wood Parure Item BDHP6499 SOLD

Dear Claudia, I am glad you recovered!! Enjoy! Sassy

Dear Sassy,

I picked up the Haskell baroque pearl and butterfly parure at the post office, could not wait to open it, dove into the box right there, began hyperventilating and looking around for the paramedic truck in the parking lot - thought I might need oxygen! The gorgeousness and perfection of the set was enough to take my breath away. I created a little jewelry dressing room of sorts, right there at my post office box. ::smiling:: Danced out of the post office....thank you thank you thank you, Sassy!!! Claudia in Florida





Early Miriam Haskell Spezzati Coral 3 Strand Necklace (not signed) Item FDHN8682 Tonight is not going to be another ho-hum charity ball. Oh no. You are bringing the drama this evening and it is all centered on this exciting Spezzati Coral necklace. Everyone wants to get upclose and personal with the woman wearing this electrifying eye-catcher. Circa 1930s, Sassy believes it is most likely an early Miriam Haskell and says it is one of the most beautiful Haskell coral necklaces she has ever owned. Three strands of outstanding long Spezzati coral branches provide the ultimate embellishment to that sexy strapless or plunging-V with hot, voguish style. The branches are graduated in size with the smallest being near the fancy sterling flower clasp and the longest flaunting their fabness in the center! The necklace is 15 and 1/2" long and approximately 4" deep. This evening you are going to bring-it-on. No one else is stealing the spotlight. Excellent condition. Price $1200.00

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