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This page includes Hobe jewelry, Vintage Hobe necklaces, Vintage Hobe Necklace & Earrings Parure, Hobe' Mesh Bracelet Jewelry, Hobe bracelets, Hobe Sterling brooches, Hobe figurals, Vintage Hobe' Earrings and collectible Vintage Hobe jewelry. All pieces are vintage or antique

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Hobe Pearls, Rhinetones, and Dangle Earrings (signed Hobe) Item DHE1821 Knockout designer earrings! Beautiful large faux pearls are sitting in a braided golden frame and are accented with clear rhinestones. View them. Dangling are perfect little golden strands. Excellent condition. Price $75.00

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Hobe' Rivoli and Art Glass Necklace (signed Hobe') Item DHN179 Stunning iridescent teal green rivoli beads are the eye catchers in this gorgeous designer necklace. And shiny tiny seed beads separate them from brown and cream colored, faceted, art glass beads. Hobe' workmanship is always high quality and this necklace is no exception. The 2 strands of beads were carefully strung on a sturdy but skinny golden double chain. The necklace was made to never require restringing! View the beads. And View them in more detail. The necklace is adjustable from to 17 and 1/2" to 20" and closes with a hook clasp and dangling beads. View the closure. This is one exceptional vintage designer necklace. Excellent condition. SOLD




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Hobe Aqua Swirled Art Glass and Crystal Torsade (signed Hobe) Item DHN7112 I can picture it all now. An exotic locale…lounging on a big, comfy chair, being treated like a queen and looking like one. Wait a minute. Why imagine it when you can make it happen? This circa 1950s Hobe Swirled Art Glass and Crystal Torsade will transform you into an exotic goddess in more ways than one. Swirled aqua art glass beads decorated with and beautiful foiled crystal proliferate this sexy chic showstopper. Simply precious! And among these beads, float blue aurora borealis crystals that give it extra twinkle. The necklace is 16 and 1/8" long and closes with a hook clasp and a dangling swirled aqua bead. You'll give new definition to the word sexy, wearing this and that awesome little number you picked up at the boutique! I can just picture it…Goddess wear supreme. Excellent condition. $180.00

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Hobe Mesh and Brown Art Glass Bracelet (signed Hobe) Item DHBR9194 You reserve a special part of yourself for unabashed glamour. After the day-to-day job pressures, after the demands of family and friends, you are there, cool and elegant, wearing something a little flashy, a little fun. And eminently collectible. From the era that defined glamorous and strong women, the 1950s, comes this gold mesh, brown art glass and rhinestone bracelet. Fabulous detailed leaves and are studded with rhinetsones while the beautiful center stone is surrounded with a glass filigree looking decoration.This Hobe bracelet measures 6 and 1/4" long and the center piece is 1 and 3/4" wide. Unabashed glamour becomes you! Excellent condition. SOLD

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Hi Sassy, Letting you know the Hobe set was received today, and boy oh boy, what a beautiful set, and what condition. Your initial photos did not do justice. Unlike some who buy an outfit, then match jewelry, I bought the jewelry and will now match the outfits! THANK YOU ( yes, I am yelling). Johnna


Hobe Faux Coral and White Seed Bead Earrings (signed Hobe) Item DHE6237 The "aye's" may have it, but it's your ears that will have everyone paying attention while you're commanding the room. This handsome pair of Hobe Faux Coral earrings are one way to make what you wear one less worry. These dashing Hobe honies will go with anything! Wondrous white seed beads are interspersed with big faux coral beads to add much needed zip to any outfit! These Hobe earrings are 1 and 1/8" in diameter. These trendsetting earrings will gain instant approval! Excellent condition. Price $38.00

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Hobe Angel Skin Coral Cameo Bracelet (signed Hobe) Item DHBR9119 "Dinner? Delectable! I'll meet you there." "No I didn't forget the meeting. I've got it all covered." Some days it seems like you live on the go. That's why jewelry that looks superb no matter what you do is so essential. This heavenly circa 1970s Hobe Angel Skin Coral Cameo Bracelet is showy enough for a formal evening yet classic enough for coffee, business or just a pleasurable night out with your gorgeous guy. A demure lady of obvious refinement lives lavishly, surrounded by a frame of faux diamonds, golden glamour and luscious faux pearls. The centerpiece is 1 and 5/16" long by 1 and 1/4" wide and Sassy believes that the cameo is authentic CARVED angel skin coral... unusual in a costume bracelet. Just looking at this beauty you can understand why this piece is so highly collectible. Four strands of graduated faux PEARLS complete the air of sophistication that this Hobe bracelet provides. It is 6 and 3/4" long, it closes with a push clasp under the cameo. Stunning and classic, this is a treasure for the ages! Excellent condition. SOLD






Hobe' Enameled Summer Parure (signed Hobe') Item DHP8939 The concierge is feeling the heat wave. So are that sexy cabana boy over there. Everyone is affected by this super hot Hobe enameled Necklace & Earrings parure and the heat it projects just doesn't stop. Fresh, fun colors of yellow, orange, cream and green are intensified by gleaming gold accents along this dazzling single strand panel necklace. These fashionable enameled panels look great along your neckline, allowing you to lose all your inhibitions. A single teardrop panel with orange, yellow and green enameling gives girlie glam a whole new meaning. A golden strand brings the whole look together. This Hobe necklace is 18" long and the pendant is 1 and 3/4". Oh it looks like the matching Hobe' earrings are going to make the thermometer burst! Each green, peach and yellow clipback dangles with a cream and orange teardrop panel. They are 2" long clip backs. Haute that will melt even the coldest ice? You'd better believe you've got it right here! Excellent condition. Price $237.00

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Hobe' Striking Japanned Green and Teal Blue Parure (signed Hobe) Item DHP8449 Now this is gotta-have-it jewelry! Crafted in impossible to resist colors and fabulous Hobe' quality and styling - you can’t go wrong! Breathtaking vivid teal blue rhinestones are set off by gorgeous rich green rhinestones in this killer designer runway quality parure. The stones are set in a Japanned setting to make the colors absolutely pop! . . (vocabulary for Japanned) Large green jade glass cabachons follow along your sensuous neck and lead to a double strand of the prettiest teal blue rhinestones you'll ever see.This Hobe' necklace is adjustable from 14" to 16 and 1/4" and closes with a hook clasp. The matching Hobe' clip back earrings are 1 and 1/8" long and leaf-like with a green cabochon gem at the top center of each one that presents a powerful pretense. Of course Hobe' employs only the finest stones so you know they are going to sparkle like there’s no tomorrow. So lush! This is statement jewelry at it’s finest. Great to just have around in case the queen pops by for tea but wear it even when her majesty isn’t expected - you’ll find a reason! Excellent condition. Price $348.00

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