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This page includes Hobe jewelry, Vintage Hobe necklaces, Vintage Hobe Necklace & Earrings Parure, Hobe' Mesh Bracelet Jewelry, Hobe bracelets, Hobe Sterling brooches, Hobe figurals, Vintage Hobe' Earrings and collectible Vintage Hobe jewelry. All pieces are vintage or antique

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Outstanding Hobe' Giant Rhinestone Bracelet Set (signed Hobe') Item DHBR7257 You like your jewelry big and dramatic with a little bit of spice thrown in. Glam it up with this large and in charge circa 1950s Hobe rhinestone bracelet filled with enough glitzy sparkle to set the world aflame! Dynamic design and high quality workmanship gives these fresh, fired up yellow and green giant rhinesones incredible color and presence designed to WOW a crowd. View the detail. Each rhinestone is over 1/2" in diameter! That is HUGE!!They bring a bounty of faux diamond accents along for the ride. This Sassy goldtone bracelet measures 6 and 1/4" long, 1 and 1/8" wide and closes with a fold over clasp and the workmanship is of the highest quality. View the workmanship. Your ears won't be left out of the fab fashion action with matching earrings that have extra giant 5/8" in diameter rhinestones. View the detail. These 1 and 5/8" long drama queens are clip backed beauties that are ready to hit the dance floor or don the stage. This designer Hobe' set is the perfect pick for sensational dishy, jewelry that will have the whole party wondering how they can get their own. But you'll never let this Sassy secret out of the bag now will you? Highly collectible! Excellent condition. Price $180.00

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Hobe Blue Swarovski Rhinestone Choker (signed Hobe') Item DHN8796 Bathe yourself in a sea of blue and show the world that you can dazzle them! Sparkling Swarovski rhinestones, circa late 1950s, are as cool as ice, but turn HOT as soon as the first flash of light hits one of these fiery gems. Rich deep blue and light blue hued faceted rhinestones with little clear rhinestone accents create a symphony of harmonious color. View the Swarovski rhinestones. It is dramatic at just a hair under 1" wide. The necklace is adjustable from 14" to 16" long and Sassy's staff can add a couple of links to make it a 1/2" longer if requested. It ends in a hook clasp and dangling rhinestone. Superior quality, rhodium plated for extra glitz, this beautiful necklace is radiant and ravishing and delivers more sparkle than you can imagine. You're sure to be a knock-out wherever you choose to wear it. Excellent condition. Excellent condition. SOLD





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Hobe' Robin's Egg Blue Parure (signed Hobe') Item DHP1875 This room belongs to you. Yes! You! The woman wearing this sophisticated Hobe' Necklace and Bracelet set! There is no denying the impact that this eye-catching necklace and bracelet hold. Ornate gold panels with rich golden links alternate with bold blue cabochons. The intense color and polished gold luxe puts a laser focus on you in all the right ways! View how the necklace and bracelet each close with foldover clasps. This designer powerhouse really shines for the fashion conscious femme who needs to project strength and power. This designer vintage necklace is a comfortable 17 and 1/2" long. The bracelet is 7 and 1/2" long. Such a powerful pair! You and this Hobe' parure! Excellent condition. SOLD



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Hobe Pearls, Rhinetones, and Dangle Earrings (signed Hobe) Item DHE1821 Knockout designer earrings! Beautiful large faux pearls are sitting in a braided golden frame and are accented with clear rhinestones. View them. Dangling are perfect little golden strands. Excellent condition. Price $75.00

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Hobe' Rivoli and Art Glass Necklace (signed Hobe') Item DHN179 SOLD




Hobe Mesh and Brown Art Glass Bracelet (signed Hobe) Item DHBR9194 SOLD

Dear Johnna,

Thank YOU!! Sassy

Hi Sassy, Letting you know the Hobe set was received today, and boy oh boy, what a beautiful set, and what condition. Your initial photos did not do justice. Unlike some who buy an outfit, then match jewelry, I bought the jewelry and will now match the outfits! THANK YOU ( yes, I am yelling). Johnna


Hobe Faux Coral and White Seed Bead Earrings (signed Hobe) Item DHE6237 The "aye's" may have it, but it's your ears that will have everyone paying attention while you're commanding the room. This handsome pair of Hobe Faux Coral earrings are one way to make what you wear one less worry. These dashing Hobe honies will go with anything! Wondrous white seed beads are interspersed with big faux coral beads to add much needed zip to any outfit! These Hobe earrings are 1 and 1/8" in diameter. These trendsetting earrings will gain instant approval! Excellent condition. Price $38.00

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