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Gift Certificate (signed by Sassy) Item GCert123 You wanted to get her something fantastic, something that would leave her speechless and perhaps even bring a tear to her eye, but now you've become a little overwhelmed by all this fabulous jewelry, haven't you? Not to worry, Sassy understands, and she has a tip for you. Lean in so she can whisper - ladies love to shop! Why befuddle yourself further when you can easily be "the most wonderful person in the whole world!" Give her a gift certificate in any amount you choose and let her do all the ooohing and aaahing while she lets her fingers do the running through the best candy store on the web! She'll have a blast, choose something she'll love and always remember the best gift ever! You'll be done shopping in just a few clicks but you'll be on her good list for a long, long time, you clever soul! Price $???? (giver decides amount)

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If you choose to get a gift certificate, your transaction will give you an electronic confirmation that you have purchased it and that will be the official receipt. Sassy will keep a copy of the receipt on file until it is used. However, Sassy wants your special lady to have something to open. So you will receive a copy of the gift certificate to present to her. When she is ready to use it, she can let me know by email or by phone (480 219 9251) and she can keep the gift certificate copy to frame or have forever.