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Includes antique crosses, antique jewelry, antique garnet crosses, antique Victorian crosses, vintage crosses, a vintage crucifix, religious jewelry, religious antique jewelry, cupids, cherubs, Jet, and Bog Oak.

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Carved Bone Crucifix Pendant Item C48411 Be proud of your faith and show it by wearing this beautiful antique crucifix. This gorgeous carved bone cross is from the 1940s (maybe earlier) and has a gold ring at the top so you can put a small gold chain through it. View the detail. Maybe you don't go to daily Mass, but you do love the Lord. I love crosses; I am a born again Christian and also am Catholic. I know.. go figure. I like letting other people know about Jesus. I don't bug people, and I don't proseletize. Instead, I like to try to show them by my good Christian works. However, I admit that I fall short pretty often so I show my faith with my jewelry. (*_*) Wear this beautiful crucifix and show your faith. Excellent condition. Price $124.00

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Micromosaic Reversible Cross Pendant Item CN163 No need to join a convent to look like a Saint! Sassy has found the loveliest cross fashioned with rich gold plating on one side and a micromosaic on the other side. This beautiful cross is covered with the famous Italian tiny mosaics that add lovely color and intricate stunning detail. See the detail. All those tiny pieces of glass were patiently cut and then set by hand to create the pretty flower and design. The back of it is also gorgeous with a very pretty engraving. Overall, the cross measures over 2 and 3/4" long by 1 and 7/8" wide. It comes with a chain that is a full 32" long... Sassy can shorten it if needed. See the chain. Devotion to your faith and a pretty Sassy look, make this the religious token you'll wear everyday. And don't be surprised at the inquiries you get. Whether you took an actual pilgrimage or not, everyone will know your faith has had a spiritual journey. This beautiful mosaic cross is divinely lovely. Excellent condition. SOLD




Turquoise Glass Virgin Mary Clamper Bracelet Item CBR99842 When the Mother Abbess counsels Maria to follow her heart, climb every mountain, she still holds her faith dear. Maria follows her advice to love and to rich family living. You'll let the world know your faith is your guide when you wear this gorgeous 1950s turquoise glass Virgin Mary Bracelet. View the Virgin Mary. A lovely gold plated smooth background and grooved clamper band competes the jewel. The little Virgin Mary centerpiece is 3/8" long by 1/4" wide. The bracelet is 2 and 3/8" in oval diameter and opens to 3 and 1/8". See it from the side. Simply lovely, resolutely faithful and a pretty feminine touch. Climb every mountain to find your dream while you proclaim your faith without saying a word. Check out the back. Excellent condition. Price $134.00

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Dear Michele, I didn't even know I was in that magazine. Thank you so much for writing. Sassy

I received the necklace set. It will make a lovely present for my mother's summer accessories. I first heard about your site from a article in Essense magazine. There was a ring featured in the magazine and it showed your website. I love your crucifix's and your sets. I'm sure to be a repeat visitor. Michele




Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Cross Earrings (tests positive for sterling) Item FSE9993 The symbolism of the cross has inspired artists the world over. These Sterling Silver Turquoise Cross Earrings embrace the message of the cross and let you show your faith, piety and grace. 6.4 grams sterling, these beautiful "budded" cross earrings have a single turquoise seated where the lines of the cross meet. See the detail. Simple and refined, these 1 and 1/8" long by 3/4" wide earrings have French wire findings. Let these antique earrings help you share the beautiful message of the cross with the world. Excellent condition. Price $124.00

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Sterling Noah's Ark Figural Penant and Pin (signed 925) Item SF150 It's a story beloved by people around the world; it's the story of Noah's Ark. Noah brought the animals two by two into the safety of the ark and this circa 1930s Noah's Ark figural pendant and pin recreates the scene in sumptuous sterling silver. A mated pair of giraffes, a lion, a buffalo, an elephant, a ram and even a mouse are safely hanging out on the deck. No telling how many animals are hiding on the inside of the ark. This is a pendant AND a pin! It is signed 925 and weighs 15 grams sterling. It measures 2 and 1/8" wide by slightly over 1 and 1/2" tall. It closes with a well working pin clasp and also has a pendant hook. This Noah's Ark figural pin will become a treasured heirloom for your family that will be passed down for generations along with the wonderful and endearing message of hope, love, and obedience. Excellent condition. Price $116.00

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Antique Sterling Silver Cross Dangle Earrings (signed 925) Item FSE9984 Your faith is a big part of your life. It helps to define who and what you are. Display the beauty of your devotion with these understated but heavenly Antique Sterling Silver Cross Earrings which come from an estate in Scottsdale, Arizona. 2.6 grams sterling, The style is simple and respectful, and Sassy believes them to be circa 1930s. See them up close.The crosses are 7/8" long and dangle 1 and 1/2" including the front of the wire. Lavish yourself with these glorious sterling silver cross earrings. They are a little heaven on earth and you'll love the beauty of them and all that they stand for. Truly divine! Excellent condition. Price $68.00

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Sterling Silver and Azurite Cross Pendant (signed 925) Item MSC9905 Your faith is reflected in every aspect of your life and you're happy to share it with everyone who will hear. This Sterling Silver and Azurite cross is a beautiful expression of enduring faith and strength of spirit. A large sterling silver cross with extraordinary filigree openwork is a profound beacon of light in your everyday walk of life. View the steling openwork. Such a beautiful testament will not go unnoticed. The cross itself frames a fine selection of fine azurite cabochons in varying hues of heavenly blue. See the cross. The cross is circa early 1900s. Sassy added the Mexico sterling chain (circa 1970s) because it looked so perfect with the cross. You can see the care and love that went into crafting this magnificent cross. See another view. It was surely a labor love. The cross is 3 and 1/2" long by 2 and 1/4" wide, and the chain is 26" long and can be shortened if needed (just ask). It closes with a wide hook clasp. You will cherish this enduring symbol of faith, hope and charity. Excellent condition. Price $216.00

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Turquoise Crystal Rosary (signed sterling) Item C9596 This exquisite crystal rosary has everything you could ever want in a rosary. It has a lovely crucifix with lots of detail in Jesus' face, detail in His body, the little sign above His head which reads INRI, the Latin inscription, which means Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. The crucifix is a silver colored metal. There is a sterling silver medal of the Virgin Mary at the beginning of the decades of crystals. On the other side of the sterling medal, there is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The rosary is made up of 5 decades of beautiful sparkling turquoise crystals and a single turquoise crystal between the decades marking each mystery. The rosary is 19 and 1/2" long. Lavish yourself with this glorious rosary. It's a little heaven on earth and you'll love the beauty of it and all that it stands for. Truly divine! Excellent condition. SOLD

1880s to 1890s




Antique Victorian Jet Carved Vines Cross Pendant Item VC9136 The symbolism of the cross has special meaning for everyone who embraces it. This antique Victorian Jet Carved Vines Cross is an heirloom quality interpretation that will hold great meaning for you, just as it did for the hand that was guided to create it. This vision of the living cross has beautifully carved vines and flowers crafted in beautiful black Jet. This is a wonderful piece with fine craftsmanship. You can see the care that was put into its creation. Circa 1880s to 1890s. The detail is remarkable and will have quite an impact for both you and those that surround you. It is 3" long by 1 and 5/8" wide. This beautiful pendant will be one that you will want to hand down through your family for years to come. Excellent condition. Price $360.00

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Bog Oak Cherub Mourning Pin Item VF9677 Mourning jewelry. It is a symbol of dedication and devotion to those we have loved most in life. This circa 1860s to 1880s bog oak mourning Brooch forever connects you to the history, loyalty and impassioned love you have for your loved one who has passed on. Bog oak was used in Victorian times for mourning jewelry carvings. This beauty was beautifully carved in very high relief into a moving tribute of a little angel swinging from a flourishing garland and a long vine. Draping ribbons that crisscross over his waistline also give this Victorian brooch some fantastic three dimensional aspects. The brooch measures 2 and 1/16" tall by 1 and 3/4" wide. It has some scratches on the back that are appropriate for its age and closes with a well working pin clasp. This magnificent mourning brooch is a must have for collectors of fine and endearing jewelry planted firmly in the history of Victorian Era commitment. Excellent condition. SOLD


14K GOLD &



Victorian 14K Gold and Turquoise Cross Pendant (signed 14k) Item VFNC9775 For you, faith is something you live every day and you will gladly proclaim it from the mountain tops. This Victorian 14K Gold Cross Pendant shines your faith and devotion like a beacon to the world! The main body of the cross is simple in design with a central design of leaves and vines that grow to form a second 'living cross' that has a turquoise cabachon intersection. This is truly an inspired piece. It is 2 and 1/2" long by 1 and 1 and 1/4" wide. The cross is 2.9 grams in 14K gold. This is a wonderful gift of devotion and love for yourself or a loved one. Excellent condition. Price $388.00

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Dear Rosamaria, Congratulations to your daughter. It sounds like she is very caring. Glad she loved the cross. Thank You. Sassy

Hello Sassy,

Just want to say that I received the pendant. And my daughter loved it, a gift to her for graduation from nursing and for the care she gives to my mother her grandmother who is 84 years with dementia

Thank you for making my purchase possible since your jewelry is unique and beautiful. Thank you again, Rosamaria G.




Victorian Mourning Jet Cupid Brooch Item VB6941 Ladies, don't settle for digital romance. Put this age of e-cards and smileys on the shelf and indulge in the true romance of sentimental love with this circa 1860s to 1880s Victorian Mourning Jet Cupid Brooch. This kind of artistry was the inspiration that led to an age that we yearn to recapture, even today. You can almost feel a connection to the Victorian era as you examine the minute details of this cute, chubby cherub. This graceful carved-jet-being flies about with outspread wings, looking as if you have caught him unaware. Bearing a daintily carved floral garland, this cheeky Cupid is museum quality, with intricate detail from the tips of its fingers to the tips of its wings and toes. It has such a wonderful facial expression, too! After 150 years, jet mourning jewelry is understandably rare and figural artworks like this one are even more scarce. The brooch is 2 and 1/4" wide by 1 and 1/2" tall. It has a well working pin and 'C' clasp. This fine art brooch brings romance back in a very big way. It is 150 years of age with some expected tiny nicks. Very good condition. Price $240.00

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Mexico Sterling Flower Cross Pendant (signed Mexico 925, and an indecipherable signature) Item MSC9560 Fidelity. Peace. Love. The cross symbolizes many things for many people. But one thing is certain; this circa 1930s Mexico Sterling Cross Pendant is a wonderful way of sharing the divine love with those you care about. This wonderful pendant is made up of six sterling flowers in the shape of a cross. The quaint simplicity of this pendant stirs emotions that well up deep in the depths of the soul. The pendant weighs 37.1 grams sterling. The cross itself is 3 and 1/4" long by 2 and 1/2" wide and has a 3/4" long bale that allows it to easily be worn with your favorite chain. Circa 1930s, this is a great gift of the heart for someone special. Excellent condition. SOLD





CIRCA 1880s

Victorian Bohemian Garnet Cross Item VC9634 Has there ever been a greater show of devotion than the one shown upon the cross? Dedication and devotion are implicitly defined within this magnificent gold and jeweled circa 1880s cross pendant. Rose cut garnets as red as the Most Precious blood are set within precious garnet gold settings that form a classic cross design with another cross over the top. See the back which shows some age. The pendant measures 1 and 5/8" by 1" and has a gold plated ring through which a chain can be passed. This beautiful show of resolve and deepest faith is a treasure to the soul and spirit. Excellent condition. SOLD

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