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Vintage Zebra Painted Celluloid & Bakelite Animal Bracelet Item BBR4333 If you are looking for animal magnetism, this great looking celluloid bracelet will do the trick. The large Celluloid links are painted with zebra stripes and each tall link is separated with skinny Bakelite bars. Check out the detail. Circa 1940s to 1950s, it has stood the test of time and has been restrung for safety so it will last another 60 years. this vintage bracelet is round and stretchy See it from the top. It is 1 and 5/8" wide and fits a 5 and 1/2" to 7 and 1/2" wrist. Enchanting from every angle, you will be the temptress of the night. Excellent condition. SOLD



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Tortoise Shell Lucite Loop Earrings Item BE1823 SOLD





Vintage Trifari Lucite and Enameled Necklace (signed Trifari) Item DTN9838 "Highly organized, detail oriented, articulate, culture savvy, creative and personable." Everything you are and more. Make the first impression even stronger with this Trifari statement necklace of black and white beads with an enameled centerpiece. Circa 1970s, the Trifari necklace features a cabochon centered on a wide 2 and 1/2" enameled pendant. Perfect length of 17 inches makes the piece ideal for the open neckline of today. Seal the deal, make the sale, in a sophisticated Trifari jewel. Excellent condition. Price $156.00

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Lavender Lucite & Orchid Prystal Parure Item P3211 Seductive colors of smooth lavender-opaque-lucite alternate with transparent orchid floral-prystal sections. Each Prystal mimics a poured glass floral jewel and is decorated with 2 purple rhinestones. Look at it up close. This glamorous 1950s necklace connects on each side with a triangle shape of beads. See the connections. The necklace is adjustable from 13" to 17" long and closes with a hook clasp and dangling beads. The matching eye-catching bracelet is 1 and 3/8" wide and will fit a 5 and 1/2" to 7" bracelet. See the bracelet. The clip back earrings are 1" tall by 1 and 1/16" wide. This alluring vintage parure is eye candy at its best! Excellent condition. Price $225.00

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Red Lucite & Rhinestone Fish Item bF1832 SOLD


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Hi Rena, Glad you are happy. That was one of my favorites.Thank you. Sassy

Hi Sassy Just opened the box and the Bakelite necklace is just as your described. Love the color too. Looks terrific. Be well. Rena B.



Giant Black Bakelite Stretch Bracelet Item BBR9996 Good food and good friends make for a memorable night. Make it even more memorable by providing a fashionable feast for the eyes with this rare circa 1940s gigantic Bakelite Bracelet. Check out how the Bakelite links overlap. Just slip it on and go! It is an amazingly showy and dramatic 2 and 1/8" tall! It fits a 6" to 7 and 1/2" wrist. It was restrung for safety. You wanna go? Then go big! Excellent condition. Price $240.00

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Mid Century Lucite Aspirin Bracelet Item BBR9885 Great looking 1960s collectible bangle. Wonderful 'aspirins' of purple, royal blue, and pink decorate this lucite bangle. Each side of the bangle has different colors. View one side and view it from the top. This vintage bangle is a nice wearable size at 1/2" wide, 5/16" thick, and is 2 and 1/2" in diameter. Fun for a party or for everyday wear. Excellent condition. $98.00

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Celluloid and Prystal Buttercup Parure (signed W. Germany) Item BP3402 Here's a bouquet for you! Sunny buttercups made up of celluloid petals and prystal (vocabulary) bead centers wrap your neck in luscious color. Each lemon yellow flower has 3 petals and a prystal bead center. See the flowers. A luxurious princess length at 21", it closes with a gorgeous, large, yellow, faceted, prystal cabochon decorating a hidden push clasp. See the closure. Circa late 1940s, from an estate in Scottsdale, Arizona, the clip back earrings are a cluster of six buttercups with prystal centers. They are a generous size at 1 and 1/4" in diameter. The design in this piece is so feminine and lovely and these flowers will never wilt! Your friends will most certainly notice this heirloom necklace the instant you put it on. Get ready to gather compliments! Excellent condition. $180.00

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Tortoise Shell Lucite & Chrome Parure Item BP1848 SOLD

Thank you, Kathy. I appreciate your business. Sassy

Hi sassy! Just wanted to take a quick minute to let you know that I received the bracelet today. Two thumbs up. It is a stunner. The scan just did not do it justice. But I was not worried, because I know that Sassy NEVER sells sub-standard jewelry. Thank you so much for selling your customers only the BEST! Fondly, Kathy J.




Three Gigantic Bakelite Buttons Item A9908 Knockout fashion! These 3 super large and stylish Bakelite buttons will make your jacket pop with charm! Circa early 1940s, they are each 2 and 1/8" in diameter. Made for a jacket or coat, you can have your seamstress add them to your favorite jacket... that is unless you know how to sew. If you are a clotheshorse, you will recognize these lookers as the perfect accoutrement to your trappings. The back of each Bakelite button has a hole for a wire or strong thread. They are dramatic and eye-catching! Excellent condition. $132.00

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Bakelite & Celluloid necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pins and more below.



Bakelite Black Curvy Dress Clip Item BB9901 It’s artistry. It’s design. It’s glam divine! Won’t you look wonderful wearing it! Every boardroom goddess and social maven needs a pivotal piece that’s the be all and end all of style and here you have it! This super large and dramatic Bakelite swirl will command attention and bring you many accolades. Circa late 1930s to early 1940s, it's bold yet feminine. This antique beautiful Bakelite brooch measures a whopping 3 and 1/8" long by a sleek 1 and 1/4" wide. The dress clip works very well. You'll spark more than a few conversations…how about a new fashion trend? Excellent condition. $147.00

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Art Deco Pink Celluloid and Blue Sun Glasses Item BA12345 You could have blown me away with a feather when I found these outstanding colorful art deco celluloid sunglasses. They are to die for! They have a finish that is pearlized and looks like pinkish tan mother of pearl. And you can't get any more Art Deco than their fabulous design. The lenses are 99% perfect with minimal tiny scratches, definitely not obvious, and expected for their age. They are circa 1930s and are highly collectible vintage accessories that will make you look and feel wonderful! The ear stems are deeply etched with an art deco design decorated with tiny gold beading and rhinestones in all the right places. The frames are slightly over 5 and 1/4" from temple to temple. Each blue lens measures 1 and 3/4" by 1 and 1/4". You are going to look so good, everyone's eyes will be on your sunglasses. Very good condition. $156.00

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Carved 2 tone Burgundy Floral Bakelite Bangle Item BBR9809 Saucy sass! That's no barbecue! Impishly feminine and gamin chic! This 2 toned delicately carved Bakelite Bangle is to die for! 2 layers of bakelite.. burgundy and apricot. Circa 1930s to 1940s, it is from an estate in Scottsdale, Arizona. Beautiful leaves were carved through the outer Burgundy Bakelite to bare the gorgeous apricot Bakelite underneath. This fabulous 1/2" wide, 3/8" thick and 2 and 1/2" in diameter bangle will look deliciously sexy at whatever table you grace. See the top. Barbecue or Whitamore Club buffet, this bangle has that confidence that only total belief in yourself can give. You've got it when you get this one. Confidently and Classically Sassy and Chic! Excellent condition. Price $132.00

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Animal Print Lucite Necklace Item N9829 wow!! Animal magnetism has just gotten a new meaning! This eye-catching sexy necklace has perfect tiger stripes that will give you that mesmerizing look you have been searching for. Groups of striking stripes in warm cocoa brown alternate with cream and black stripes. Linked together, this vintage lucite necklace drapes perfectly on any neck. See the other side of the necklace. Found at an estate in Scottsdale, Arizona, it is electrifying and theatrical, most likely from the 1960s or 1970s. Even the clasp is beautifully decorated with stripes. You are going to draw some serious attention; get ready! Excellent condition. SOLD


Lucite Spotted Dog Figural Item BF9443 This pampered pooch aims to be named woman's best friend! This sporty, Spotted Lucite Dog Figural knows that high-class haute starts with what you wear. This doted on doggie dons cheetah print Lucite on its body; sporting wealth worthy of the Ritz-Carlton. And this pooch has dimension with a sleek black Lucite ear that has absolute snob-appeal. A shining faux diamond eye definitively deigns this dog a truly haughty hound. The brooch is 2 and 7/8" long by 1 and 1/4" wide and closes with a well working pin clasp. You'll be happy with the handsome hound as your pampered pal. Excellent condiiton. Price $50.00

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